Author Topic: 3D Model to 3D print a new shell w/ Pi  (Read 416 times)

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3D Model to 3D print a new shell w/ Pi
« on: 17/Jan/2017 04:41:56 PM »
Hey guys, I tried to make this a personal message for Matthias, but I completely understand why he is not accepting PMs. 

First, I already know of the Pi modification to place it inside the Retrode 2, I've watched the video a bunch, but I am not that great at soldering, so the removal of all the USB ports is problematic for me.  Instead I was thinking of 3D printing a new shell for the Retrode 2.

This would be a little longer (if not maybe a tad taller?) to include space for an unmodified Raspberry Pi.  I haven't tried any 3D modeling websites using 360 pictures, but as a last resort I guess I could, but I figured asking for the STL / OBJ file wouldn't hurt?

I am not trying to reproduce these, or complicate anything with DragonBox (personally, I am more than likely going to buy a 2nd Retrode from them so I can finally get a Box with artwork (asked years ago if I could get one but was explained that its for playing, not storing, but I am not always using it and having a brown cardboard box sucks to store it in) and gut out the unit to 3D print a new shell).  This is strictly for personal use, and I completely understand if the answer is "no".

Again, tried to make this a personal message, and "I'm sorry, we cannot supply the file" is completely acceptable.  I can craft something using, and will most likely post pictures of the completed product when done.

Thanks guys