Author Topic: StarFlight (Sega Genesis) missing RAM file. ROM file ok.  (Read 20 times)

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Setup= Retrode2 + .023e BETA FW

My Starflight (Sega Genesis) cart is missing the RAM file, but can get the a ROM file with the Retrode2.
My other Sega Genesis carts read both RAM and ROM files just fine. (Sonic 3)
The Cart read fine on my actual hardware. It can still save games :)
I have a feeling it has a special RAM type. EEPROM? SRAM? FLASH?
BTW Starflight is an EA game with a yellow tab. (does the yellow tab do something or just cosmetic?)

I'm hoping skaman or this community could add support for this or be able to troubleshoot.
This is not critical, but it would awesome if it was fixed. if I could have my old STARFLIGHT save again.
When I loaded the cart on actual hardware, there were two saved games called "Jeff" uhh... where's my old save? LOL

There was a very old post about this that was 4 years ago. I hate necro-posting.
If I am allowed to upload the ROM file, Please let me know.
Please advise. Thanks.
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