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Since I got tired of having to keep refreshing my memory on the procedure for updating a Retrode's firmware on Linux, I wrote a little shell script to automate the process as much as possible.

...and, being the risk-averse perfectionist with a focus on UI/UX design that I am, I also built as many safety checks into it as I could without turning it into a massive project.

I've posted it as this GitHub Gist and, in case I ever move it from there and forget to leave a note on the new location, here's the blog post I used to announce it.

It hasn't been tested on OSX but, in theory, it should work. It has been used successfully on macOS 10.12.6. (I only rely on dfu-programmer and POSIX-specified commands.)

I hope this helps someone. :)

P.S. If anyone's interested in helping me to improve this, here are the things I need help with:

  • Getting a copy of the output a Retrode 1 produces from the various "dfu-programmer at90usb646 get ..." commands to see if there's any way I can tighten the safety checks so they verify that the detected at90usb646-based device in programming mode is actually a Retrode. (I only have a Retrode 2)
  • Determining whether it's safe to automate the final "please press Reset" using "dfu-programmer at90usb646 reset", given that the instructions I worked from only explicitly warn against "dfu-programmer at90usb646 start".
  • Identifying the exact maximium filesize(s) to limit to in order to safely die with an informative "Too big to be a valid image for this Retrode" message.
  • Finding more ways to detect invalid or mismatched firmware images before attempting to write them. (eg. Is there a reliable way to tell Retrode 1 and Retrode 2 images apart by their contents, rather than expecting a human to parse the filenames?)

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