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Support / Re: Retrode 2 - not able to dump files
« on: 09/Feb/2016 04:47:15 PM »
I tried using WindowsXP and WIndows2000 (my retro gaming rigs).

Which event.log are you talking about? W7 event log? Where can I find it?

Tried some other firmware:
18a -> no difference
17g -> no difference

When I use 18a or 17g plus forcesystem:auto Retrode detects only one file called "GenericRomInSnesSlot.dat". Did this happen to anyone else?

Support / Re: Retrode 2 - not able to dump files
« on: 08/Feb/2016 08:35:37 PM »
Thanks for your quick reply.

I found .18d on my retrode. I flashed .18c (.18d is beta only).

No difference. Tomorrow I will try to flash .18d-beta3

Support / Re: Retrode 2 - not able to dump files
« on: 08/Feb/2016 06:09:58 PM »
Retrode is set to 5V.
I cleaned all games a second time using a Q-Tip and 100% alcohol (should I go for a "mecanical" cleaning?).

When I start my computer with the Retrode already connected I cannot get past the post screen. Is this behaviour normal?

So here is what I did (forcesystem: snes):
Variant 1:
1. Start computer (Retrode not connected)
2. After start up, I connect the Retrode to my computer, an explorer window opens automatically
3. I insert a game, hit refresh in explorer
4. I can see 2 files (plus retrode.cfg BUT: sometimes the name is right, sometimes not, sometimes only one file although with the same game I had two files before, the size of the files may differ when using the same game)
5. I double click the *.sfc file
6. Bad checksum, black screen

Variatiant 2:
1. Start computer (Retrode not connected)
2. Insert game
3. Connect to computer
4. Computer does not regocnize my Retrode (the green light on the Retrode lights up but nothing happens, even not after 10 mins or so)
5 When I remove the game frome the Retrode, the light still lights up, nothing happens

If I use forcesystem:auto:
Variant 1: no success at all, after inserting the game, the green light lights up bu nothing happens or I see a file named "2600.cartrige.a26"
Variant 2: green light lights up, nothing happens.

Support / Re: Retrode 2 - not able to dump files
« on: 07/Feb/2016 06:12:39 PM »
Thanks for your reply. I already cleaned my games using Q-Tips. Will clean them once more.

Why do games have to be cleanded when using Retrode 2 (i can use them in my original SNES without problems)?

Support / Retrode 2 - not able to dump files
« on: 07/Feb/2016 03:47:17 PM »
Hi there,

I recently bought a Retrode 2. Unfortunately, I am not able to dump files:
NBA Jam TE -> no success
Starwing -> no success
Super Mario Kart -> no success
Sim City -> no success
If I dump the files and try to start them using SNES9x, I get a "bad checksum" error and the screen stays black.
I use "forcesystem: snes", the rest of the configuration parameters are unchanged.

The only dump I managed to make was Super Mario World.

Any advice?

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