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Sadly I don't know anything about hex editing so I'll just have to stick with using the config file to force the correct size of my gba games. Anyway I'm glad for your responses. I'm now able to play all my gba games on my computer via retroarch.

Thanks so much. The hardest part was finding the correct size for each of my gba games but now retroarch is detecting them all.

How do I do that? Sorry if this is kind of a newb question. And what would be the right size by the way?

I have tried ripping my gba games with my retrode so I can play them on the computer using retroarch but retroarch won't detect most of my gba games. Any suggestions.

I had to delete the SNES hacks database from the database folder in retroarch. Seems to be working fine now.

Support / SNES Roms From Retrode Reading as Hacks In Retroarch
« on: 08/Apr/2018 06:39:42 PM »
I use my retrode to make legal copies of my games to play on the emulator retroarch. However, when I scan my SNES files they come up as hacks. I tried updating the database which usually works but now it doesn't seem to work anymore as I try and put my games on my surface pro.  I'm new to retrode and retroarch. Any suggestions on what I can do.

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