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The second monitor program runs on a Master System derivative. Any idea whether it's possible to read that using the Retrode2 without an adapter?
FYI: Retrode2 was able to read the game ROM from Sega Mega-Tech Tetris. The game ROM contents are bit-for-bit identical to those of the barely-released (recalled?) Japanese Mega Drive Tetris cartridge.

Sega Mega-Tech cartridges appear physically identical to Japanese Mega Drive cartridges but with a partly different pinout (they apparently have a second ROM for the second screen and side B of the cartridge is wired differently from Mega Drive) and much less exciting labels, and are intended for use inside a Mega Drive-like arcade machine with extra hardware for coin mechanisms, instructions display, etc.

Somehow Retrode2 can read the game ROM though, so this allows use of the original cartridge's game data in an emulator-based modern system.

Thanks yet again for the awesome hardware and firmware!

P.S. Maybe someone knows a way to dump the extra ROM for the second screen? The pinout is at least mostly known
General Discussion / Re: Game Gear SMS Plugin Question
« Last post by mistermorcus on 21/Nov/2018 04:17:49 PM »
I don't have it with me to do any measuring, but based on what I can see it looks like the ends of the pins and front of the connector for yours and mine are the same distance. It looks like the base of the plastic is shorter on yours though than mine.  The pins just barely poke out of the back of the board, use the SMS pins on yours as a comparison because they are the same distance.

As far as whether or not cutting your pins shorter and having it closer to the board I could not say. I don't think cutting the pins shorter would cause any issue, I'm just not sure if you may have any issues with certain games not fitting in either of the slots for some reason. It may not matter, but I will let someone else that knows more add to the discussion.
General Discussion / Re: Game Gear SMS Plugin Question
« Last post by newbie2 on 21/Nov/2018 02:42:28 PM »
That is superhelpful! Any chance you could measure how far the metal part of the connector is from the board?

Also, as long as my connector leaves space for the SMS connector is there any harm in just clipping the pins on the back (after I do the soldering) so that they are shorter?
General Discussion / Re: Game Gear SMS Plugin Question
« Last post by mistermorcus on 21/Nov/2018 03:48:53 AM »
I can offer you some pictures of mine. Hopefully you can look past the weird way I have mine open since I did not want to peel my sticker off of my adapter.  My GG connector looks different than yours based on what I can see. I took mine out of an inoperable game gear.  I'm wondering if maybe the cartridge connector you got is from a game genie.

It appears that the bottom piece is shaped a bit different, and it looks like you have less room between the GG connector and the SMS connector when the plastic is flush against the board.  It looks to me like you should actually space it out so that the pins that are sticking out should be made flush so that it sits correctly.
General Discussion / Game Gear SMS Plugin Question
« Last post by newbie2 on 17/Nov/2018 11:42:23 AM »
I am working on soldering the game gear cartridge slot (the type sold from eBay) to the SMS plugin and was wondering how the slot should be positioned on the plugin board. If the cartridge slot is flush with the board (see picture linked below) the pins extend pretty far in the back and there is not very much space between the slot and the pins from the SMS slot.

Is that the right position for the slot? Do those pins then need to get shortened after the slot is soldered? Or should the slot not be flush to the board so that the pins don't stick out? Any pictures from other folks who have done the mod would be appreciated!
General Discussion / Re: What is Going on With the Kazzo NES Dumper?
« Last post by mistermorcus on 15/Nov/2018 09:21:41 PM »
The last time I was using it to dump carts I was using the old firmware which uses scripts depending on the mapper that the given game is using.  It was not very straightforward and I never got save files to work with it.  They are working on new firmware for it to make the mapper selection easier but who knows how well it will work.

I was able to transfer some save files using my RetroUSB AVS however for Crystalis. It has a tool that connects it to your PC and can transfer save files to and from carts. I have heard other people not having as much luck as I did though so do this at your own risk.
Support / Re: Retrode 2 not recognising N64 plugin
« Last post by Land95 on 14/Nov/2018 07:54:06 PM »
In my limited time, I have found 2 issues triggering this.

1 - dirty contacts.  Pull the n64 board out of the cartridge case, wash the contacts in high concentration rubbing alchol and let dry.  Polish with white hi-poly art eraser.
2 - garage sale finds that ended up being hacked rom clones.  They play on original n64, but nothing else.  No joy on these.
General Discussion / Re: What is Going on With the Kazzo NES Dumper?
« Last post by Nori on 10/Nov/2018 07:58:44 PM »
How is the save transfers from and back to carts on that thing?
Support / Re: Issues Dumping Chuck Rock (SMS)
« Last post by SufferUM on 05/Nov/2018 08:56:36 AM »
Got it sorted, just took a bit of fiddling with the mac. Thanks for your help guys.
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