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Setup= Retrode2 + .023e BETA FW

My Starflight (Sega Genesis) cart is missing the RAM file, but can get the a ROM file with the Retrode2.
My other Sega Genesis carts read both RAM and ROM files just fine. (Sonic 3)
The Cart read fine on my actual hardware. It can still save games :)
I have a feeling it has a special RAM type. EEPROM? SRAM? FLASH?
BTW Starflight is an EA game with a yellow tab. (does the yellow tab do something or just cosmetic?)

I'm hoping skaman or this community could add support for this or be able to troubleshoot.
This is not critical, but it would awesome if it was fixed. if I could have my old STARFLIGHT save again.
When I loaded the cart on actual hardware, there were two saved games called "Jeff" uhh... where's my old save? LOL

There was a very old post about this that was 4 years ago. I hate necro-posting.
If I am allowed to upload the ROM file, Please let me know.
Please advise. Thanks.

General Discussion / Retrode2 NES Plugin Adapter - EPIC WANT!
« on: 14/Oct/2017 09:40:14 AM »

Is anybody developing a NES cart adapter for the Retrode2?
I know another forum mentioned it, but I believe this should have its own topic. EPIC want!
These games are why I want this very badly:
Kirby's Adventure, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior etc.

I understand there is a COPYNES device out there, but is unavailable.
Would a Retrobit NES to SNES Cart adapter work on the Retrode2?
More thoughts later.

Support / RAM files (.srm) not working. ROM files (.sfc) ok
« on: 21/Sep/2017 06:07:33 AM »

I ordered the Retrode 2 this month finally!! Been waiting months and it was hard to get.
I have a problem with the .SRM files it creates from SNES and Sega Genesis carts.
The manual stated that the Retrode2 has some write protection regarding saving data to the Cart. (N/A ?)
The firmware may be the cause as well. I have .20-beta for my Retrode 2 Firmware.
See below for more details. I'm stumped for now and need help.

1. I inserted the Donkey Kong Country SNES cart into the Retrode2. 
2. I connected the Retrode2 to my computer via USB.
3a. The Retrode 2 created these 3 files below:
3b. DonkeyKongCountry.107F.sfc, DonkeyKongCountry.107F.srm, and RETRODE.CFG
4. I copied both of the RAM and ROM files to my desktop.
5. I attempted to use the files with emulators in the correct directories.
6. I repeated the same steps for Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Sega genesis cart.

Test results for a SNES Cart + Retrode:
Note: I used an old (but working) Donkey Kong Country cart (NTSC, US)
[SUCCESS] Use the Retrode2 created SNES ROM file (.sfc) in my emulator.
[FAILED] Use the Retrode2 created SNES RAM file (.srm) in my emulator.
[SUCCESS] Use the Donkey Kong Country Cart on actual hardware. The SRM data loaded just fine.

Test results for a Sega Genesis Cart + Retrode:
Note: I used an old (but working) Sonic The Hedgehog 3 cart (NTSC, US)
[SUCCESS] Use the Retrode2 created Sega Genesis ROM file (.bin) in my emulator.
[FAILED] Use the Retrode2 created Sega Genesis RAM file (.srm) in my emulator.
[SUCCESS] Tested the same Cart on actual hardware. The SRM loaded just fine.

Notes from both tests:
The ROM file (.sfc or .bin) works fine. I can play it in an emulator. (SNES9x)
The RAM file (.srm) file does not work in the emulator.
I checked the save directory and the name of the RAM.
The RAM name matched the ROM. (except the extension of course).
I tested both carts on actual hardware and they worked with no issues. Save states (SRM) loaded.
All of these files have a modified date of 11/20/1990, which doesn't make any sense to me.

My setup with Retrode:
Retrode 2 (no controllers plugged in) + a SNES or Genesis cart (one at a time)

My Questions:
1. Are the .srm files created from the Retrode supposed to work in emulators? (such as SNES9x)
2. Can someone help me get this Retrode2 working?
3. Why is the modified date of the Retrode files 11/20/1990?

Possible solutions:
Change the config file of the retrode.
Firmware upgrade? (I have .20-beta)

Thanks and Kudos.

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