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General Discussion / SNES Enhanced Cart Support (FW v0.22)
« on: 11/May/2017 08:57:05 PM »
Matthias kindly provided me with access to the Retrode source code and I've implemented support for a majority of the SNES Enhanced Carts: CX4, SDD1, ExHiROM, SPC7110, SA-1, and Nintendo Power (SF Memory Cassette).  I've also include various fixes for other SNES issues.

My code changes have been committed but not officially reviewed and merged into the main firmware yet.  Wannado is working on other changes so hopefully there will be an official release with everything included.

The firmware supports the SPC7110, SA-1 (Read Only), and Nintendo Power carts ONLY with my Enhanced cart adapter.  The Enhanced cart adapter serves as a pass-thru that provides the signals needed for these carts to work properly with the Retrode.  My prototype adapters are working perfectly with these carts.  The final adapter design is under review.  I won't be able to test the final design until sometime next month.  More details on the adapter are forthcoming.

I want to gauge interest in the SNES Enhanced firmware and ask for BETA testers.  My code has only been compiled and tested on a Retrode 2 so the initial testers should have this hardware version.  If you're willing to test AND provide feedback, then please contact me by PM.

Keep in mind that the full functionality of this firmware is only possible with the Enhanced cart adapter.

***UPDATE***:  The BETA testing of the SNES Enhanced firmware is complete.  The firmware has evolved and expanded during the development and testing process.  Please read the summary below (or the Readme included with the firmware) to understand all of the changes.

Here's the summary of the firmware changes:
Code: [Select]
v0.22  (2017-08-18)
- Changes by skaman:
-- SNES Enhancements!
-- Added support for SNES Enhanced Chip carts: 
   CX4, SDD1, ExHiROM, SPC7110, SA-1, BS Satellaview,
   Sufami Turbo, and Nintendo Power carts.
-- Added register writing code to enable remapping for
   CX4, SDD1, SPC7110, SA-1, and Nintendo Power carts.
-- SPC7110, SA-1 and Nintendo Power carts need a separate
   SNES Enhanced cart adapter.
-- WARNING:  SA-1 SRAM writes are not possible with the
   current hardware.  Any changes made to the SA-1 SRAM
   file on the Retrode will not be written to the cart.
-- Added Nintendo Power (SF Memory Cassette) cart support
   using the SNES Enhanced cart adapter.  The base ROM
   is initially read whether a single game or the
   multi-game Menu.  In single game mode, the SRAM is
   visible if used.
-- Added Nintendo Power multi-game switching using the
   HWB button.  Press the HWB button to switch games on
   a multi-game cart.  Refresh the Retrode folder to
   access the new game.
-- Added display of Nintendo Power flash mapping.  Press
   the HWB button to cycle thru games.  The flash map
   files will be shown when the base ROM is displayed
   for the 2nd time.  Flash map files are read only.
-- Added support for BS Satellaview carts and memory paks.
   Memory Pak support is limited to read only on the BS-X,
   Special LoROM, and HiROM carts.
-- WARNING:  Memory Paks will not work on the SA-1 carts.
-- WARNING:  Completely blank (all 0xFFs) Memory Paks
   will not be shown when inserted in the BS-X cart.
-- Added support for the Sufami Turbo adapter and carts.
   Carts will have the adapter slot position (A or B)
   added to the filename. This allows two carts with the
   same name to be accessed.
-- Added reading of Flash saves for the JRA PAT/SPAT4 carts.
   These carts use a 1024Kb Flash chip with unique mapping.
-- Fixed HiROM to read ROM starting from Bank 0xC0.
   Previous code used the mirror in lower banks which
   returned incomplete data.
-- Fixed LoROM to read ROM starting from Bank 0x80 for
   large (> 24 Mbit) games.
-- Fixed HiROM SRAM to read Bank 0x30.  Previous code was
   reading Bank 0x20.  Fixes problems with Brain Lord,
   The 7th Saga, etc.
-- Fixed SRAM bank switching for both LoROM and HiROM.
   LoROM SRAM switches banks every 0x8000 bytes and HiROM
   SRAM switches banks every 0x2000 bytes.
-- Fixed SRAM size for ST010/011/018 carts.  Only ST018
   (Hayazashi Nidan Morita Shougi 2) contains SRAM.
-- Fixed SRAM bug where previous code reported size 0
   for 64K due to sramSize256 overflowing the SRAM
-- Fixed SuperFX SRAM bug where the upper half of the 64K
   SRAM size was mapped to the wrong bank.  SuperFX SRAM
   starts in Bank 0x70 and bankswitches at 0x10000 bytes.
-- Changed the checksum to use the proper bytes at 0xFFDE
   and 0xFFDF.  Previous code used the complement at 0xFFDC
   and 0xFFDD.
-- Added checksum + complement checksum code to check for
   the presence of ExHiROM.
-- Added code to address the incorrect mapping due to the
   too long internal ROM name (22 characters) that runs
   into 0xFFD5.  Fixes problems with Contra 3 (U),
   Krusty's Super Funhouse (U)(1.0), etc.
-- Added overdump correction code to eliminate the need to
   flag individual carts.  Removed the short internal list
   of overdumped carts since it is no longer needed.
-- Removed the HWB button overdump code since it is no
   longer necessary.  The HWB button function is now used
   for switching games on the Nintendo Power carts.
-- Added Config file option to control SNES automatic
   overdump correction. Default setting is 1 = ON.
-- Added Config file option to display the ROM Version in
   place of the checksum.  Default setting is 0 = OFF.

The v0.22 firmware is available here:

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