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General Discussion / Re: Virtual Boy SRAM Support
« Last post by skaman on Today at 07:44:40 AM »
I might change the SRAM pinout that was posted as I was asked to support Hyper Fighting.  In order to read out Hyper Fighting, I need to free up pins on the Retrode to connect the uppermost address pins on the VB.  Right now, the uppermost address pins on the Sega slot are used to control the VB SRAM.  I didn't want to use them for addressing as the Retrode uses those pins for configuring other cart types.

I'll have to do more testing to find the best pin configuration.
General Discussion / Re: Any chance of Super Street Fighter II Genesis?
« Last post by Lowe0 on 15/Mar/2018 12:18:29 AM »
Thanks!  Hope it works out successfully.
General Discussion / Re: SEGA SMS/GG Firmware (FW v0.24)
« Last post by skaman on 14/Mar/2018 09:31:04 AM »
Happy Pi Day!

The v0.24 Final firmware is now released.

See the first post for the details.
General Discussion / Re: PC Engine/Turbografx plug in?
« Last post by hernan43 on 09/Mar/2018 07:48:00 PM »
This looks excellent! Are you going to sell these or offer the schematics up for download at all? I'd be happy to help test in any way I can.
General Discussion / Re: Remapping the buttons?
« Last post by Wannado on 04/Mar/2018 11:42:41 PM »
Sorry, while I still have this thread bookmarked, I don't know if and when I will contribute to the firmware again.

But maybe someone else might implement this. So if I understand you correctly now, you're asking for a config option that enables you to assign the buttons to different positions in the list.

First idea: Listing the button positions for Start Mode A B C X Y Z in that order.
The configuration from your first screenshot would look like this:
Code: [Select]
[mdButtons] 3 2 1 0 4 6 5 7And for the second screenshot:
Code: [Select]
[mdButtons] 6 7 2 0 1 3 5 4
Second idea: Listing the buttons in the requested order (first = button 0, last = button 7), using the letter S for Start and M for Mode/Select:
First screenshot:
Code: [Select]
[mdButtons] BAMSCYXZSecond screenshot:
Code: [Select]
[mdButtons] BCAXZYSM
Is that what you're asking for? Which idea do you like better?
General Discussion / Re: Any chance of Super Street Fighter II Genesis?
« Last post by skaman on 04/Mar/2018 06:26:22 PM »
It should be possible.  I'll look into it.
General Discussion / Any chance of Super Street Fighter II Genesis?
« Last post by Lowe0 on 04/Mar/2018 01:35:29 AM »
It's cool to see development on the firmware moving at a fast pace again!  The Retrode already covers the vast majority of my collection, but there are a couple of cartridges out there that I'm interested in; one of those is Super Street Fighter II for the Genesis.

From the documentation (, it looks pretty straightforward:
  • read 0x000000 through 0x3FFFFF into a 5MB buffer
  • write 8 to 0xA130FD
  • write 9 to 0xA130FF
  • read 0x300000 through 0x3FFFFF again into the last 1MB of the 5MB buffer

But, I don't know anything about microcontrollers, so I don't understand the complexity involved in actually implementing that.

Is SSFII worth a look for a future version of the firmware, or is this tougher than it looks?  Thanks!

Edit: I'd be happy to chip in a US cart as a donor for testing.
Support / Re: Phantasy Star IV SRAM data compatibility with the Retrode2
« Last post by skaman on 01/Mar/2018 06:38:45 PM »
I fixed the code.  No more corrupt bytes in the SRAM.

If you previously read any MD carts with large SRAM (16KB or bigger), then the bytes at 0x30F0/0x30F1 were likely corrupted.  They will have changed to 0 or 1.  This occurred even with the SRAM set to Read Only in the Config file.

I'll be adding the code into the v0.24 SMS/GG firmware release.  A BETA firmware will go out to the test group this weekend.
Okay, well I'm glad you're looking into a fix for the game, skaman.

I was considering buying it last summer around the same time I bought Phantasy Star II, Phantasy Star III, and Sword of Vermilion, but since I didn't see much information about Phantasy Star IV on this board around that time, I decided not to buy it at that time. 

Even then, I try to only have one save file for a game when there is room for more than one, with some exceptions (like compilation games that have their own "individual" save files for each game). 
Support / Re: Phantasy Star IV SRAM data compatibility with the Retrode2
« Last post by skaman on 27/Feb/2018 09:59:01 PM »
I received the cart and dumped it with the Retrode and another dumper.   The save files differ by a single byte.  The Retrode save does not work properly in KEGA Fusion or Mednafen.  The other dumper produces an 8KB save that after expansion to 16KB works properly in both emulators.

The problem is a single byte at 0x30F1.  This is related to the Retrode's bank switch code for Phantasy Star IV.  The code will set the byte to 1.  I accidently stumbled across this problem while working on saves for other consoles.

I would definitely not attempt to read any save that includes data in the 3rd slot until the code is fixed.

I'll look for a solution.
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