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Title: Things I'm currently working on
Post by: Wannado on 08/Apr/2017 08:17:38 PM
Dear Retrode community,

in this post, I'd like to tell you about my recent activities and my plans regarding the Retrode firmware.

justin89's patch

You may have heard about the patch that justin89 submitted long time ago. I want to finally try and merge it into the firmware, step by step. To simplify that, I've split the patch up by the features it contains:

The small features 1 and 2 will be included (in a modified form) in the next release I'll publish. See also "Plans" below.

Config file optimization

At the moment, I'm optimizing the config file. This is motivated by justin89's patch (which includes new config options) and other things.

To save buffer space, I've removed most of the help comments from the config file. As a replacement, I want to add a separate help file with more detailled descriptions (compressed, read-only). However, the current draft is still rather large even in compressed form. Apart from that, I've reduced the size of the parsing and printing code significantly.

Still issues saving to Phantasy Star IV and Shining Force from Kega Fusion

After the release of v0.21-beta (,337.msg2392.html#msg2392), gliitch had reported that saving in above Mega Drive games still doesn't fully work for him (using Kega Fusion). The issues are the same as with v0.20-beta (,337.msg2333.html#msg2333). Despite gliitch's assistance, I haven't been able to find the cause of the problems yet. See also below.


These are the things I'll try and do in the near future, approximately in that order:
Title: Re: Things I'm currently working on
Post by: Sylver on 08/Apr/2017 08:53:47 PM
Nice plans ! Thanks for your work !
Title: Re: Things I'm currently working on
Post by: MasterOfPuppets on 09/Apr/2017 03:59:24 PM
Always great to see update to the Retrode. Thanks for all your hard work!
Title: Re: Things I'm currently working on
Post by: skaman on 09/Apr/2017 05:47:35 PM
I hope the SNES fixes allow my SA-1 adapter to work properly with Retrode.