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Wannado updated the Genesis save code in v0.21-beta.  These changes are included in v0.22.

There is a Config file setting [segaSram16bit] that you might need to change to make your save file compatible with the emulator.  I haven't personally tested this but it is documented on the website and in these forums.

Good Luck!

You should update to FW v0.22.  After updating, reread the DKC cart and test the save file.

The Config file setting [sramReadonly] determines whether you'll be able to write changes to the save file back to the cart.  This setting will be changing in future firmwares to [saveReadonly].

The date is not something to worry about it.  It is the default when the Retrode creates the file for the filesystem.

General Discussion / Re: Progress on N64/GBA save support?
« on: 15/Sep/2017 11:37:59 PM »
I have no idea on the SMS saves.  If there is anything to be done, then it will have to be done by someone else.

I'm sorry to say that I have no plans or interest in working on support for any other consoles.  If there was one console that I might eventually work on, it would be the GBA saves.

After I finish the N64 fixes, I'll be going back to looking for a solution for the SNES SA-1 SRAM writes.

General Discussion / Re: Progress on N64/GBA save support?
« on: 15/Sep/2017 07:46:45 PM »
N64 Cart EEPROM save support is complete.  The production N64 plugin supports EEPROM saves.  If you have a prototype N64/GBx plugin, then you'll need to add two connections - CLK and S_DATA.  I'll post pictures of a modified prototype adapter if anyone is interested.

The next BETA firmware release is on hold pending the resolution of the Paper Mario heuristics code.  Once I'm able to fix Paper Mario, then I'll release the BETA to the test group.  A public firmware release will follow after the testers have thoroughly tested the BETA firmware.

Support / Re: Game Gear Roms Not Detecting Correct Size
« on: 14/Sep/2017 07:32:27 PM »
I'm not familiar with Game Gear ROMs but I took a quick look.

The lower nibble that identifies the size for both carts is 0 which indicates size 256KB. 

Is there a need to add a check for larger ROMs when size = 0?

General Discussion / Re: Progress on N64/GBA save support?
« on: 14/Sep/2017 04:24:00 PM »

I wanted to give an update since it might look like there hasn't been much recent development.

N64 SRAM and FlashRAM save support is fully working.  Tested by multiple testers with multiple carts.

I need to finish the cart heuristics code for the missing 20/40MB cart sizes.  I modified the code and got Donald Duck Goin' Quackers (20MB) and Ogre Battle 64 (40MB) working.  The lone remaining cart is Paper Mario (40MB).  I don't have a copy of Paper Mario so a tester volunteered to run multiple tests.  Unfortunately, the code that fixed Ogre Battle doesn't work for Paper Mario and I'm not sure why.  I'm waiting on Paper Mario and Mario Story carts to arrive to find the solution but it might be a week or two.

While waiting on the test carts to arrive, I started to look into the cart EEPROM saves.  I thought I might need to modify the N64 plugin but the production plugin has the necessary connections to read the cart EEPROM.  I've got the cart EEPROM responding and outputting the save data (visible on my logic analyzer).  I need to tweak the code to get the data outputting properly to the .eep file.

Once the cart heuristics is fixed and the EEPROM save support is complete then I'll release a new firmware.

More testing to do...

Support / Re: Unable to dump zelda master quest (n64)
« on: 12/Sep/2017 07:36:23 AM »
I did a couple quick tests with my repros.  The repros are initially being read properly as the game titles are recognized.  However, when the file is created, the data starts from a different random location each time.  It probably has something to do with the Altera chip used by the repro.

Support / Re: Unable to dump zelda master quest (n64)
« on: 11/Sep/2017 02:37:11 AM »
Yes, a BETA tester reported having problems with the Chinese repros.

I actually have this exact Zelda repro along with a Resident Evil 2 repro.  I haven't bothered to test them to see what is going on.

General Discussion / Re: Progress on N64/GBA save support?
« on: 03/Sep/2017 02:26:53 AM »
Nevermind on the Donald Duck cart. 

I found a picture of the box and it states "N64 Controller Pak Needed to Save Game Data".

The save lists need to be corrected.

General Discussion / Re: Progress on N64/GBA save support?
« on: 03/Sep/2017 01:49:59 AM »
I'm still working on the N64 stuff.

A BETA tester brought up a couple preexisting issues with the firmware.  The Config file defaults to using ".n64" for the N64 ROM extension when it should actually be ".z64" to reflect the native big-endian format.  I'm changing the default to "z64" in the next release.  The other issue is that Paper Mario is overdumped.  I checked the N64 cart heuristics and it overlooks the 20MB and 40MB sizes.  There are only 3 titles affected - Donald Duck Goin' Quackers, Paper Mario, and Ogre Battle 64.  This will also be fixed in the next release.

While fixing the missing N64 ROM sizes, I ran into an interesting problem that I need some help with.  I picked up a copy of Donald Duck to test the 20MB size.  This cart is listed as using an EEPROM4K save.  When I tried dumping my EEPROM4K save (not with the Retrode), it refused to respond.  I opened up the cart and there is no EEPROM. 

Does anyone have a copy of Donald Duck Goin' Quackers/Quack Attack that they'd be willing to open up?  I'd like to see if their cart lacks the EEPROM.  Either it was an oversight on my cart or else the existing cart save lists are incorrect.


General Discussion / Re: SNES Enhanced Cart Support (FW v0.22)
« on: 28/Aug/2017 05:45:47 AM »
If anyone is interested in a prototype Enhanced Cart Adapter, then PM me for the details.  I have an adapter complete with cutdown Japanese SGB shell available.  I ran out of US SGB shells (like the one pictured) so I only have Japanese SGB shells left.


General Discussion / Re: Progress on N64/GBA save support?
« on: 27/Aug/2017 11:49:30 PM »
Fixed Dezaemon 3D 768Kbit SRAM.  Modified the Config file to change "[sramReadonly]" to "[saveReadonly]" since the same setting is applied to all save files including SRAM, FlashRAM, and Controller Pak.

General Discussion / Re: Progress on N64/GBA save support?
« on: 27/Aug/2017 06:28:39 AM »
Received my Dezaemon 3D cart from Japan.  My experimental SRAM code for its 768Kbit SRAM isn't working.  I'll need to locate the RAM within the address space and correct the masking.

I've gotten reports from some testers that the SRAM and FlashRAM is working for them.

One tester wanted me to mention that the CONFIG setting "[sramReadonly] 1    ; write protect SRAM? 0=no, 1=yes" affects the SRAM AND FlashRAM files.  Maybe I should change the setting to "[saveReadonly]"?

General Discussion / Re: Progress on N64/GBA save support?
« on: 26/Aug/2017 10:18:22 PM »
N64 FlashRAM support is complete.  New BETA firmware is in the hands of the testers.

General Discussion / Re: Progress on N64/GBA save support?
« on: 23/Aug/2017 08:57:50 PM »
FlashRAM is grouped into OLD flash (MX29L1100) and NEW flash (MX29L1101 and MN63F81).  The most common flashram chip is the MX29L1100.  The least common chip is the MX29L1101.

sanni attempted to gather the FlashRAM info from users across various forums.  He posted a list and updated it as users responded.  The effort eventually died when we looked at the results and realized that Nintendo could use any flashram chip in any cart.

Here's the last list that I'm aware of.  Please don't take it as the definitive list as the sample size was small and, as I mentioned, the effort died pretty quickly.
Code: [Select]
Animal Crossing
29L1100KC-15B0 or MN63F81MPN
April 2001

Command & Conquer
May 1999

Jet Force Gemini
NTSC: 29L1100KC-15B0 PAL: 29L1101KC-15B0
October 1999

Ken Griffey Jr's Slugfest
May 1999

Zelda Majora's Mask
29L1100KC-15B0 or MN63F81MPN
April 2000

Megaman 64
November 2000

NBA Courtside 2
October 1999

Paper Mario
MN63F81MPN or 29L1100KC-15B0
August 2000

Pokémon Puzzle League
September 2000

Pokémon Snap
March 1999

Pokémon Stadium
February 2000

Pokémon Stadium 2
29L1100KC-15B0 or MN63F81MPN
December 2000

Starcraft 64
June 2000

Tigger's Honey Hunt
29L1100KC-15B0 or MN63F81MPN
November 2000

WWF: No Mercy
MN63F81MPN or 29L1100KC-15B0
November 2000

No new BETA yet.  I'm working on implementing the FlashRAM erase and write code.

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