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General Discussion / Re: Things I'm currently working on
« Last post by Nori on 06/May/2017 10:49:08 PM »
Where can one find that? When you do post it I'd love to read it.
General Discussion / Re: Things I'm currently working on
« Last post by skaman on 06/May/2017 01:31:54 AM »
SNES Enhanced code coming.  I've added support for most of the Enhanced chip carts and fixed some other issues.  More details once the code is posted to the code repository.
General Discussion / Re: Things I'm currently working on
« Last post by Nori on 05/May/2017 08:04:47 AM »
Wannado you are still the hero.
General Discussion / Re: 3D Model to 3D print a new shell w/ Pi
« Last post by EvilDragon on 03/May/2017 12:20:43 AM »
You mean llke a project I started a while ago, the RetroPi?

It's currently on hold (not enough time), but I DO want to finish it.
As you can see, a fully designed and printed case for that exists already :)
General Discussion / Re: Desperate for a retrode
« Last post by EvilDragon on 03/May/2017 12:18:32 AM »
EvilDragon from the DragonBox Shop here :)

No worries, we're currently setting up a new production run!

They will come back in stock eventually.
You can enter your email at the product page and will receive an email once it's back in stock again :)
Okay, I just got the GBx plugin I ordered last week, now, being as I have a save of Pokemon Silver on the computer (it's just one of a few saves for some Game Boy (Color) games I have on the computer), how can I successfully get it onto the Pokemon Silver cartridge?  I thought this whole process would be easy, but it's apparently not as easy as I thought (maybe this save problem with Pokemon Gold & Silver wasn't really fixed yet?).

Edit: I managed to find success with getting a save onto my Pokemon Silver cartridge from the computer, but now each time I make a save on my Pokemon Gold cartridge and insert it into the GBx plugin, the save is erased (it didn't do that with Pokemon Crystal though; I opened up PKX Delta and got it to successfully read the Crystal save; on a similar note Rhydon was able to read my saves for Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow).  Is this a battery issue?  If so, I know of one local place that I *think* can do battery replacements for Game Boy games.

Edit 2: And as things turned out, the problem I had with Pokemon Gold was indeed a battery problem...I didn't think that was my game's problem at first, but after getting that hunch and taking it to a local video game store to get a new battery, it turned out that my hunch was spot-on (the battery was dead; I asked the guy who put in the new battery if he had a battery tester and he did.  When he tested the old battery on it he didn't get a reading for how much power was remaining on it).  So after I got my Pokemon Gold game back with the new battery installed, I was finally able to copy a save of the game from the computer to the cartridge.
Support / Re: Certain GBA Titles Work while others dont...
« Last post by Zerker on 15/Apr/2017 11:08:22 AM »
There are three very common issues you will need to ensure you have addressed.

1) The voltage switch inside the SNES slot needs to be set to 3.3V. This is likely the most common cause of data corruption/invalid names/checksums/etc.
2) If the above is correct, but you are still getting corruption, try cleaning the cart contacts. The Retrode can sometimes be more sensitive than a real GBA. Use a Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol.
3) For many games, the Retrode does not detect the correct size, and thus ends up missing game content. You should cross-check against an independent list (I recommend ), and use the force system/force size fields to correct this.
Support / Certain GBA Titles Work while others dont...
« Last post by AGBYOU on 10/Apr/2017 04:04:54 PM »
I've been having fun finding out what the Retrode is capable of, even though its a purchase of about 4 years, I'm still discovering neat ways to utilize it for things like streaming. I've been able to get it to work from a router all the way  over to a console loader so its like having a gameboy player without the add-on.

I can have it hooked up to my PC or directly to the router through its USB slot, which helps me keep track of the dates
and times for saves. This is also helpful when I have a bulk of video recording projects or something as simple as having a friend that owns the original console hardware. We can play without the hassle of memorizing what we are and are not supposed to bring just to enjoy a gaming session of Donkey Kong.

With that said, I'm discovering some of the limitations. I suppose its to be expected with any aftermarket format, you have to work around the hardware and go by its rules so as to familiarize what you're working with. So first I learned that the Super Gameboy isn't compatible (for reasons I discovered on this site) and now I'm working with the Gameboy Advance Genesis adapter. I'm thinking maybe the issue is the extra utility involved?

I discovered that you have to ensure the specific market file sizes to get it to work properly. Games like Mario Kart Super Circuit will hiccup in game and Pokemon won't even show up without having the appropriate save setting in an emulator (Original hardware bypasses this for dummies like me)

Its a whole thing to get past this and have it just right, but I did my homework and rediscovered all the values and distinguished the difference between EEPROM and Flash etc. but its not until I came across this message that I got some better insight on the underlying problem.

Sometimes the name of the game shows up partially, and sometimes its like the system is half asleep trying to interpret it, but in both cases it seems like its trying to give the right results. This is the first time I've used No$GBA as an emulator, others just show up as a blank white screen when trying to play games like Metroid Zero Mission.

In this case, I'm really captivated by the idea of playing Golden Sun. I'm worried about other games showing a similar exception, like it might be a an ordeal trying to understand the Hexadecimal behind it all. Where to I begin with this kind of error? I'm willing to learn- I do all my homework if the end result is plain enough to shoot towards.
General Discussion / Re: Things I'm currently working on
« Last post by skaman on 09/Apr/2017 05:47:35 PM »
I hope the SNES fixes allow my SA-1 adapter to work properly with Retrode.
General Discussion / Re: Things I'm currently working on
« Last post by MasterOfPuppets on 09/Apr/2017 03:59:24 PM »
Always great to see update to the Retrode. Thanks for all your hard work!
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