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Support / Re: Using a Retrode with RetroPie
« Last post by Phoenix on 24/Oct/2016 10:22:45 PM »
Aaah, sorry, I didn't see the post here!

I'll release that patched firmware today.
Fantastic :D Where did you upload it to? Any chance of uploading this project to Github to see if others can help?
General Discussion / Re: Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 on Nintendo Power Cartridge
« Last post by Pickle on 18/Oct/2016 04:51:05 PM »
The work is mostly getting the parts and soldering them together. Then loading the application code the arduino board.
Im selling my extra pcb boards (had to order 10). The hardest part to find was the snes connector.
In that thread I posted there is a user that is going to sell a kit (I dont recall if its preassembled)
Support / Re: Cant dump the n64 test cart and gameboy test cart roms.
« Last post by fintogive on 18/Oct/2016 10:23:31 AM »
Sorry for taking so long to respond.

When I wrote my first reply, I somehow thought those were developer cartridges with test versions of games. Now I finally understood that those cartridges are tools used by support engineers to test console hardware.

As such, the test cartridges are designed to detect any deviation from the expected behavior of a real console. This feature might prevent the Retrode (which certainly does not behave exactly like a real N64 or GB) from reading the ROM properly. For example, a test cartridge might lock up intentionally to prevent taking damage (from operation in a broken console).

There is no easy way to find the real cause of the issue. The cartridges might have to be reverse engineered. I cannot do that. Performing firmware experiments seems to risky to me at this time, given so little information about the test cartridges' design.

The header data from the GB cartridge looks plausible. But I have no idea where the random part comes from, or what the section before the header is usually used for.

well i did manage to dump the GB test cart but not wit hthe retrode.  im still trying to find a way to dump the n64 test cart.

the part before the header is some kinda test for the GB but for whatever reason the first 140 lines kept corrupting when dumping. the test cart its self there isnt much to it actually.  its a board with a single 32k eprom soldered to it.  thats it.  no security chips or other circuits other than a capacitor.

Anyways i had to buy an everdrive 64 and use a dumping program for the everdrive to dump the GB cart. which didnt work either luckily the programmer saturnu was still actively working on it and fixed it to dump the cart rather quickly too.

so there is no way to dump the n64 test cart? cause i keep batting zero with finding a way that isnt expensive.  but it looks like ill have to get a v doctor to dump this dang cart.  is there any way i can help?

anyways thanks for the reply.
General Discussion / Re: Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 on Nintendo Power Cartridge
« Last post by androda on 18/Oct/2016 12:16:37 AM »

I am able to make GBx adapters for the retrode. See the end of this thread:,304.0.html

The adapters I sell have a space for an n64 slot - I just don't have any n64 slots at the moment.
@Wannado - yes, that is what I was afraid of, but thank you for taking a look and giving a more educated opinion!

@Pickle - I've never taken on an arduino project before, or any electrical engineering project for that matter... but maybe this would be the perfect chance to do so! It's especially tempting because I have no idea if/when the GBx and N64 adapters for the Retrode will come back in stock at DragonBox... as an aside, does anyone else know where to get your hands on one of those?
General Discussion / Re: Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 on Nintendo Power Cartridge
« Last post by Pickle on 17/Oct/2016 02:35:25 PM »
I would take a look at this device:

Ive built one to cover things that the retrode cant do. For me specifically it was star ocean (SDD1). And SA-1 when i need it. I also got it in mind for Nintendo power carts if I get one.

Edit: Just to clarify the arduino cart reader dumps the rom to sdcard.
General Discussion / Re: Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 on Nintendo Power Cartridge
« Last post by Wannado on 16/Oct/2016 05:10:26 PM »
Nocash's fullsnes.htm apparently contains a lot of details about how the Nintendo Power cartridge works.

After taking a quick look at that document, I guess the following:
  • If there is more than one game on the cartridge, the Retrode will only be able to read the game selection menu program.
  • If there is just a single game on the cartridge, but the cartridge isn't full, the Retrode might be able to read that game. Or again only the menu program. I don't know.
  • If a single game fills the whole cartridge (4 MiB / 32 Megabits), this greatly increases the chance that Retrode can read it.

I repeat, this is just a guess. The Retrode might as well fail to read anything. So far, the Retrode firmware provides no special support for this type of cartridge.

Another guess: The Retrode will probably not erase the cartridge by accident. (Accessing the cartridge's special functions, and in particular, programming the flash, seems to require writing quite a long stream of setup commands to the cartridge. As far as I can see, the Retrode only ever writes to an SNES cartridge when writing savegame data (the *.srm file).)
General Discussion / Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 on Nintendo Power Cartridge
« Last post by calohtar on 14/Oct/2016 10:27:03 PM »
Hello friends!

I discovered this device today because I was wondering about the possibility of legally playing the old Fire Emblem games. Specifically, I want to play two games from the SNES - Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War (FE4), and Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 (FE5). If you're not aware, these games were released exclusively in Japan. In order to play these without using a pirated ROM, I was hoping to import an original copy of the Super Famicom cartridge from Japan and then apply a translation patch.

I don't believe that FE4 will be a problem, but finding a copy of FE5 has proven difficult. This game was originally released as an exclusive for the Nintendo Power Cartridge, and then a few months later was released as a standard SF ROM cartridge. As a brief explanation, the Nintendo Power service was basically where you buy a blank cartridge with 8 divisions, and then you go to your local game store, stick in the cartridge in a machine, and download the game of your choice to the RAM in the cartridge (which will take up one or more of the memory divisions).

I haven't been able to find a copy of the FE5 ROM cartridge for anything less than three figures, but I've found a few somewhat-reasonably priced Nintendo Power Cartridges with the game loaded onto them. My question to the community is, how to you think the Retrode will handle the Nintendo Power Cartridge? It's certainly not a traditional SF cartridge, but I figure the game file has to be sitting on there somewhere. Has anyone tried this before? Thanks for any help!

TLDR; Will the Retrode be able to get a game file off of a Super Famicom Nintendo Power Cartridge?
General Discussion / Re: Retrode Plugin Boards Here
« Last post by EvilDragon on 14/Oct/2016 01:47:04 PM »
Just a quick note:
More N64, SMS and GBx-Plugins are currently in production and should be finished in November.

However, the N64 doesn't have the connector ports, as they seem to be almost impossible to get in quantities less than 10,000.
General Discussion / Re: Retrode Plugin Boards Here
« Last post by androda on 08/Oct/2016 09:13:35 PM »

Yes, the adapters have the mounting holes for an N64 port.  I already added one to the first adapter that I made (but with no N64 games to test with, I don't know whether the N64 slot works).  Also of note: I never got around to epoxying my GBx adapter, and it works fine. Surprisingly sturdy.

I think I would want $12 per GBx adapter board plus whatever shipping method you want to pay for.  Each individual extra board would be $3 (price I paid plus 60 cents).  The blank boards come with the necessary resistor pre-installed.

I have 10 blank GBx/N64 boards available (nothing but the resistor soldered at the moment).

I'm located in the USA.

If you'd like to buy any, send me a direct message here (and I'll try to check back in a few days  :)  after there was no response in the first few weeks I didn't expect anyone to be interested)

Note: If anyone else is interested, send me a personal message.  If there's enough interest, I could try to scrounge up some more GBx plugs (hard to find these days) and make another order for boards.
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