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General Discussion / Re: Need a bit of help making a Mark III adapter
« Last post by hadess on 07/Dec/2017 10:53:18 PM »
I've just received skaman's prototype. The only problem I had was that I needed to power cycle the Retrode to make it read new carts.

I successfully dumped, without any tweaking necessary (ROM size, or otherwise), and compared them to ROM dumps on the net:
Alex Kidd BMX Trial
Alex Kidd no Miracle World
Enduro Racer
Opa Opa
Space Harrier 3D

Out of curiosity, I also tested with an SG-1000/SC-3000 cartridge (yes, cartridge, not card) of "Champion Golf" but ended up with a "GenericRomInSegaSlot".

Thanks skaman!
General Discussion / Re: N64 Save Support (FW v0.23)
« Last post by skaman on 05/Dec/2017 06:36:00 AM »
My initial guess on the potential cause of the bad Pokemon Snap save file was proven wrong.

I suspected the use of the uncommon 29L1101 flashram chip but that is incorrect as kjorteo's cart uses the common 29L1100 flashram chip.

I got a copy of Pokemon Snap with the 29L1100 (like kjorteo's cart) and it reads out perfectly.  The 29L1100 flashram is probably the most tested flashram type across many different carts.

To completely settle the issue in my mind, I picked up two different carts that use the 29L1101 flashram and I can confirm that the 29L1101 flashram type works properly with the firmware.

kjorteo's save file has some bad data at 0x8000-0xEFFF.  There appears to be some issue with his flashram chip responding to the reads in this area.  The data output is the address that the Retrode is attempting to read.

If anyone else encounters issues with their Pokemon Snap save, please post your save file.
Support / Re: RAM files (.srm) not working. ROM files (.sfc) ok
« Last post by bluegrassjedi on 03/Dec/2017 07:25:03 AM »
I have been testing GBA Titles with the Retrode2.
It will only see the ROM file.

Retrode FW = .24a-beta
Retrode Switch = 3v

Here's the GBA games I tested so far:
Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis
Super Mario Advance 2 SMW
Legend of Zelda LTTP + Four Swords
Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country 2
Donkey Kong Country 3
Support / Re: StarFlight (Sega Genesis) missing RAM file. ROM file ok.
« Last post by bluegrassjedi on 03/Dec/2017 07:03:02 AM »
Can't wait for that next .24 FW release.  8)

Just for confirmation:
FW .24a-beta will not read the RAM file for Starflight, only the ROM file.
That's ok though. You said the next FW .24 release should.
Hi guys,

Lately I've noticed that all 3 plugins and their transparent equivalents have all become out of stock on DragonBox, anyone know when they'll be available again?  I'm hoping there is a new batch of them out around Christmas time (or just before the new year begins), as I plan to buy a N64 plugin when I get the chance if I get some Christmas money.

So yeah, if they become available, can someone either PM me or let me know here in the topic, please?

Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the help guys.  I put the resistors in and it works great now, mempak files and controller both. I love the Retrode!!
You would connect the 220R resistors vertically.  The picture with the diagonal resistors is on an earlier PCB version.

Here's a picture of my v0.4 plugin with the resistors installed:

that's what mine looks like inside but i bought mine, i don't know like 2 years ago maybe
You would connect the 220R resistors vertically.  The picture with the diagonal resistors is on an earlier PCB version.

Here's a picture of my v0.4 plugin with the resistors installed:
I attached a photo that shows how all of the connections are made.  I also included a picture of the unit closed up in case anyone wanted to see a picture of that. I liked this solution since I did not have to modify the unit itself, and I could take it back to stock if I wanted to.

I did some more research and noticed in the older PCB with the ports included, that there is a resistor connected to the cartridge pins. On my board it is labeled 220R. I am assuming that is probably the reason it is not working but I could not say for sure.  If it is the problem, would I just connect that resistor up the same way as in the photo as it goes across from one set of pins to the other?

Thanks again for any help you can offer.
Please post photos to illustrate what exactly you did.
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