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Title: Planning to purchase a GBx plugin in the good is it?
Post by: Knight of Time on 05/Mar/2017 10:06:37 PM
Hi guys,

I'm putting some serious thought into purchasing a GBx plugin to go with my Retrode2 someday (the Retrode2 has the latest firmware if anyone is curious), but before I do, I want to ask a few questions please.

Lately I bought another copy of Pokemon Silver (to replace a copy of the game I lost around 15 years ago) and a copy of Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, and my first question is, does the GBx plugin allow new saves of either game as well as my other GB/GBC games with save data (Kirby's Dream Land 2, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Crystal, and Super Mario Bros. Deluxe) to be copied onto the cartridges as long as the save file matches the game name on the Retrode2 with the plugin in use, even if there is already a save file on the cartridge?

My second question is, are the GB/GBC cartridge saves shown with the .srm or .sav extension when the Retrode2 and GBx plugin successfully reads a cartridge?

And my third question is, can the GBx plugin allow new saves to be put on any of the games below?  They're games I plan to purchase at some point.

-the Donkey Kong Land trilogy
-Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
-Pokemon Red (I'm presuming that if a Pokemon Blue cartridge can accept a new save put on the Retrode2, so can a Pokemon Red cartridge)

Thanks in advance.

Title: Re: Planning to purchase a GBx plugin in the good is it?
Post by: blue22 on 12/Mar/2017 03:22:09 AM
It looks like you can for all of this!
Check out this thread for more details:
Title: Re: Planning to purchase a GBx plugin in the good is it?
Post by: Nori on 12/Mar/2017 04:40:57 PM
The saves will be .srm, but you can copy them off the carts and rename them to .sav and I've tried once and doing the opposite and it works. In other words you can move them back by changing the .sav to .srm. All games I have backuped from the original carts and transferred back after changing batteries worked. I haven't encountered a game yet for gbc where saves didn't transfer properly, although in the past I had read that some Pokemon games (maybe it was Silver and Gold) may have had some issues with save transfering? Or was that a fixed problem now...
Title: Re: Planning to purchase a GBx plugin in the good is it?
Post by: Knight of Time on 22/Apr/2017 09:04:11 PM
Okay, I just got the GBx plugin I ordered last week, now, being as I have a save of Pokemon Silver on the computer (it's just one of a few saves for some Game Boy (Color) games I have on the computer), how can I successfully get it onto the Pokemon Silver cartridge?  I thought this whole process would be easy, but it's apparently not as easy as I thought (maybe this save problem with Pokemon Gold & Silver wasn't really fixed yet?).

Edit: I managed to find success with getting a save onto my Pokemon Silver cartridge from the computer, but now each time I make a save on my Pokemon Gold cartridge and insert it into the GBx plugin, the save is erased (it didn't do that with Pokemon Crystal though; I opened up PKX Delta and got it to successfully read the Crystal save; on a similar note Rhydon was able to read my saves for Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow).  Is this a battery issue?  If so, I know of one local place that I *think* can do battery replacements for Game Boy games.

Edit 2: And as things turned out, the problem I had with Pokemon Gold was indeed a battery problem...I didn't think that was my game's problem at first, but after getting that hunch and taking it to a local video game store to get a new battery, it turned out that my hunch was spot-on (the battery was dead; I asked the guy who put in the new battery if he had a battery tester and he did.  When he tested the old battery on it he didn't get a reading for how much power was remaining on it).  So after I got my Pokemon Gold game back with the new battery installed, I was finally able to copy a save of the game from the computer to the cartridge.