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General Discussion / Re: Trouble Updating to v23
« Last post by newbie2 on 13/Dec/2017 02:56:54 AM »
All credit goes to Skaman for actually updating the firmware, without that all the instructions in the world would be useless.
General Discussion / Re: N64 Save Support (FW v0.23)
« Last post by skaman on 10/Dec/2017 08:54:27 AM »
I made a prototype Virtual Boy plugin PCB.  I'm waiting for it to arrive from the PCB fab.  If I can get it working then I'll post the details.  I already have a copy of Red Alarm waiting to be tested.

My prototype VB plugin has an error that I had to fix with a couple jumpers.

I only have a couple test carts but they both read out properly now.  I modified the code to correct the handling of Red Alarm.  It was underdumping due to the code misidentifying the data used to check the ROM size.  Using the HWB button to adjust the size would have produced the proper ROM.

My prototype includes the RAM pins so I'm hoping to figure out how to read out the save game from Wario Land.
General Discussion / Re: SEGA SMS/GG Firmware (BETA)
« Last post by skaman on 10/Dec/2017 04:06:48 AM »
For Codemasters cart support, you need to:

1) Connect the CLOCK pin on each slot to the plugin edge pin B9.  For Game Gear, CLOCK is pin 40 and for Master System, CLOCK is pin 47.

2) Master System requires an additional connection for the /MREQ pin 3 to /CE pin 13.

3) Run BETA firmware v0.24b or higher.

Here are a couple pictures of the modified plugin:

General Discussion / SEGA SMS/GG Firmware (BETA)
« Last post by skaman on 10/Dec/2017 03:41:40 AM »
I've been working on a new firmware for Sega Master System and Game Gear carts.

I added improved cart recognition and SRAM save support.  I also added proper Codemasters cart support.  The SMS/GG Plugin needs to be modified for the Codemasters carts to work.

As part of the development, I made a working prototype Mark III Plugin.  The plugin allows you to read Japanese Mark III carts and Sega Card/My Cards with a Card Catcher (see,368.msg2711.html#msg2711).

Here's a summary:
Code: [Select]
v0.24b beta (2017-12-09)
- Changes by skaman:
-- SEGA SMS and GG Saves!
-- Fixed SMS SRAM read support.
-- Added SMS SRAM write support.
-- SMS SRAM carts should be identified by Product Code
   and display the .SAV file.  The .SAV file can be read
   and written.
-- Corrected the ROM size identification for Mega,
   Two-Mega, and Four-Mega carts.
-- Fixed Product Code identification.
-- Fixed identification of SMS Monopoly (U) to output
   the proper ROM and SRAM save file.
-- Fixed identification of SMS Wonder Boy in Monster
   World (EK) and SMS New Zealand Story (E) to output the
   proper ROM file.
-- Added code to improve handing carts with bad headers.
   A small number of games will still require using the
   [forceSystem] setting in the Config file due to
   missing ASCII text at the start of the header.
-- Added identification of SMS Ys (J) save file.
-- Added identification of SMS Haja no Fuuin (J) save file.
-- Added GG SRAM save support.
-- GG SRAM carts should be identified by Product Code
   and display the .SAV file.  The .SAV file can be read
   and written.
-- Added identification of GG Pro Yakyuu '91 (J).
-- Fixed GG ROM size "0" identification.  ROM size "0"
   is 256KB, however, carts may be 256KB, 512KB, or 1MB.
-- Fixed SMS Codemasters cart detection.
-- Added GG Codemasters cart support.
-- WARNING:  Codemasters carts require modification of the
   SMS/GG Plugin.  The CLOCK connection must be made from
   both slots to the plugin edge (pin B9).  In addition,
   SMS Codemasters carts require the /MREQ pin to be
   connected to the /CE pin.
-- Moved SMS/GG cart detection ahead of NGP cart detection.
   Some SMS carts were incorrectly detected as NGP.
-- Changed the SMS/GG SRAM save extension to ".SAV".
   This appears to be the extension expected by most
   SEGA emulators.
General Discussion / Re: N64 Save Support (FW v0.23)
« Last post by skaman on 10/Dec/2017 12:50:20 AM »
I found a cart that isn't handled properly with the final N64 firmware.

Command & Conquer (all variants) will show as 20MB when it is actually 32MB.  This is because the ROM is padded with a large block of 00s at the end.  The firmware assumes that the 00s are garbage and truncates the ROM.

To display the full Command & Conquer ROM, use the HWB button to switch the size to 32MB.

I think I will hardcode the size for the C&C carts into the next firmware release.
Support / Re: Cannot grab sram from Game Boy Camera
« Last post by sirmirkr on 09/Dec/2017 05:43:19 PM »
This doesn't help troubleshoot the Retrode, but I was able to get the SRAM off my GB Camera by using a Joey-JoeBags by BennVenn.

Unrelated: For getting GBA saves, I used a DS Lite or Original DS with an R4 flashcard and the savemanager homebrew. Rudolph's GBABackup homebrew was able to get both the save and ROM of Mario and Luigi SuperStar Saga, something that the Retrode couldn't do.
General Discussion / Re: Need a bit of help making a Mark III adapter
« Last post by skaman on 08/Dec/2017 05:45:33 AM »
I'm glad it works for you!

How does the SG-1000/SC-3000 data look if you set forceSystem to sms?

GenericRomInSegaSlot will have the data in alternating bytes.  The data should be contiguous in sms mode.

Do the SG-1000/SC-3000 carts have headers?

I'll have to read up on the SG-1000/SC-3000 carts.

Another item for the growing to-do list.
General Discussion / Re: Need a bit of help making a Mark III adapter
« Last post by hadess on 07/Dec/2017 10:53:18 PM »
I've just received skaman's prototype. The only problem I had was that I needed to power cycle the Retrode to make it read new carts.

I successfully dumped, without any tweaking necessary (ROM size, or otherwise), and compared them to ROM dumps on the net:
Alex Kidd BMX Trial
Alex Kidd no Miracle World
Enduro Racer
Opa Opa
Space Harrier 3D

Out of curiosity, I also tested with an SG-1000/SC-3000 cartridge (yes, cartridge, not card) of "Champion Golf" but ended up with a "GenericRomInSegaSlot".

Thanks skaman!
General Discussion / Re: N64 Save Support (FW v0.23)
« Last post by skaman on 05/Dec/2017 06:36:00 AM »
My initial guess on the potential cause of the bad Pokemon Snap save file was proven wrong.

I suspected the use of the uncommon 29L1101 flashram chip but that is incorrect as kjorteo's cart uses the common 29L1100 flashram chip.

I got a copy of Pokemon Snap with the 29L1100 (like kjorteo's cart) and it reads out perfectly.  The 29L1100 flashram is probably the most tested flashram type across many different carts.

To completely settle the issue in my mind, I picked up two different carts that use the 29L1101 flashram and I can confirm that the 29L1101 flashram type works properly with the firmware.

kjorteo's save file has some bad data at 0x8000-0xEFFF.  There appears to be some issue with his flashram chip responding to the reads in this area.  The data output is the address that the Retrode is attempting to read.

If anyone else encounters issues with their Pokemon Snap save, please post your save file.
Support / Re: RAM files (.srm) not working. ROM files (.sfc) ok
« Last post by bluegrassjedi on 03/Dec/2017 07:25:03 AM »
I have been testing GBA Titles with the Retrode2.
It will only see the ROM file.

Retrode FW = .24a-beta
Retrode Switch = 3v

Here's the GBA games I tested so far:
Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis
Super Mario Advance 2 SMW
Legend of Zelda LTTP + Four Swords
Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country 2
Donkey Kong Country 3
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