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It's been a while since I opened this topic, but I'd just like to clarify that this should no longer be an issue as of firmware v0.22. User skaman has been doing incredible work expanding the functionality of the Retrode.

Unless I've missed something, the latest firmware is covered by this post. If you need instructions on how to update your Retrode's firmware, start here.
Where do you put these important pieces of information?
General Discussion / Re: DIY SMS/Game Gear Plug-in?
« Last post by Madeinez on Today at 03:54:36 AM »
The important message I received from this forum helped me with many basic knowledge.
General Discussion / Re: SEGA SMS/GG Firmware (FW v0.24)
« Last post by bsittler on 19/Jun/2018 06:31:29 AM »
This is great! I updated to this firmware and built a "Mark Master Converter". With those I'm able to dump+emulate many SG-1000 and Mark III games — both cartridges and My Cards — by stacking the Mark Master Converter atop the PlugIn Master. However, my adapter may have some sort of bug - there are a few SG-1000 cartridges I have not been able to use with the Retrode2, and they load as entirely 0xFF bytes:

  • Congo Bongo
  • Flicky
  • Girl's Garden
  • Star Jacker

Strangely, those very same games work fine (other than missing SG-1000 color palette set-up and needing a quick cartridge-swap to defeat the BIOS checks) in a Game Gear by stacking the same Mark Master Converter on top of the Beeshu Gear Master. Also, more than a dozen other games — including SG-1000 and Mark III cartridges and also My Cards — work fine with the Mark Master Converter atop the PlugIn Master in the Retrode2.

Before I go too much further into debugging these, has anyone else been able to successfully use any of these SG-1000 titles via the Retrode2?
General Discussion / Re: DIY SMS/Game Gear Plug-in?
« Last post by Nori on 14/Jun/2018 05:11:21 AM »
I wish someone made and sold a batch of Gamegear ones. I would certainly get one asap.
General Discussion / DIY SMS/Game Gear Plug-in?
« Last post by werewolfslayr925 on 09/Jun/2018 09:35:47 PM »
Hi, there, Retrode Community Forums!

I'm looking to buy/make an SMS plug-in for dumping SMS and Game Gear games.

Unfortunately, the SMS plug-in is out of stock at Dragonbox (and everywhere else!).

Would anyone happen to have/know where I can find the appropriate file(s) necessary to order a copy of the SMS plug-in from, say, Elecrow or DirtyPCBs?

Thank you very much for your time!
Support / Re: Retrode 2 not being recognised
« Last post by RocknRollTim on 06/Jun/2018 08:14:49 PM »
Hi MasterOfPuppets,

Thank for responding to my forum thread.

I  tried plugging the Retrode directly into the main PC and it kept powering it off so I gathered it was something related to the Retrode.

However after trying your suggestion of using another USB cable i.e. one from my PS3 controller and plugging it directly from the Retrode into the PC, the device was successfully recognised. The only thing I need to get my head around now is to play games on the PC using the Retrode, but I will eventually figure that out after reading numerous forum threads as well as watching plenty of YouTube videos. I can't believe how much trouble a faulty cable can cause with PC particularly powering it off plus I couldn't imagine it being the Retrode as I researched that it could work with most PCs regardless of power, but at least its working now and thanks to your help.

Once again I would like to say thank you for your help and can't wait to start playing some retro games particularly the Gameboy, N64 and SNES ranges.

Many thanks,

Support / Re: Retrode 2 not being recognised
« Last post by MasterOfPuppets on 05/Jun/2018 11:37:41 PM »
You mention hubs. Have you tried plugging it in directly? Also, have you tried another USB cable?
Support / Retrode 2 not being recognised
« Last post by RocknRollTim on 05/Jun/2018 09:08:54 PM »
Hi all,

I would appreciate your help very much. Basically I have tried 3 different Windows PCs to get my Retrode 2 to be recognised and none of them have successfully recognised the device. 2 of them said that they could not recognise the device due to insufficient power and the other could not recognise the device at all. I have even tried 2 USB hubs and neither of them have improved the situation. Also I have noticed that the LED light on the unit does not light up when the device is plugged in, should this be lit up? Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

General Discussion / Re: N64 Save Support (FW v0.23)
« Last post by Haldrie on 31/May/2018 06:35:10 PM »
Finally after all these years I can backup my n64 saves! This is why I bought a Retrode in the first place (well that and GB/GBC save backup but that was already out when I got it) and you guys have at last made this a reality thank you so much for all of your hard work and I wish I had found this sooner.
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