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I dumped my BS-X cart with the new firmware .23a and it is only playable with BSNES emulator. It comes out with a checksum of 8B86 which is an ok checksum. However using an older firmware it dumps 7479 which is an ok checksum and is playable in most emulators. Emulators used zsnes(never works), snes9x, bsnes older and newer versions.

I checked ROM data and Everything is the same, I changed the windows file name to SatellaviewBs-x.7479 as it was dumped with a previous revision from the retrode2 and it started working.. checksum header is 8B86. while header compliment is 7479. Both ROMs are exactly the same except the file name uses different numbers to explain the checksum on the end.

Maybe its an issue with the emulator itself? Just thought i'd put this out there if someone ever has an issue.

Name: Satellaview BS-X
Speed: 30/FastROM
Type: e5
Kart contents: ROM+RAM+BAT+BS
Header ROM Size: 8Mbits
Calculated ROM Size: 8 Mbits
SRAM size: 256Kbits (256Kbit)
Actual Checksum: 8B86
Header Checksum: 8B86
Header Checksum Compliment: 7479
Output: NTSC 60Hz
CRC32:   F51F07A0
Licensee: Nintendo
ROM Version: 1.0
Region: Japan
General Discussion / Re: PC Engine/Turbografx plug in?
« Last post by skaman on 18/Jan/2018 07:17:49 PM »
Tested my prototype further and realized that there is an error in the published pinout.

The uppermost address lines (A19 and A18) are swapped.

SNES Pin 43 (BA2) connect to TG Pin 33 (A18)
SNES Pin 44 (BA3) connect to TG Pin 3 (A19)

I'll revise my schematic and board layout.
General Discussion / Re: PC Engine/Turbografx plug in?
« Last post by skaman on 18/Jan/2018 08:34:05 AM »
I made a working TG16/PCE Plugin PCB.  Prototype uses a slot pulled from a broken console.  If anyone wants an original HuCard slot, sells HuCard slots (still attached to the daughterboard).

Matthias implemented automatic switching between TG16 and PCE data formats and it appears to work properly.  The TG16/PCE code does need a bit of work.  There are a couple of areas for immediate improvement:  the force system setting seems to only work with TG16 cards; and the overdump detection code is ineffective.  Checked the code and realized that the forceMapper controls the PCE/TG16 data when using the tg16 forceSystem setting.  Also there is no overdump detection so I'll be looking to implement it.

I'll see what I can do to fix the code but the improvements will come after I release the v0.24 SMS/GG firmware and v0.25 VBOY firmware.

General Discussion / Re: PC Engine/Turbografx plug in?
« Last post by Elaneo on 15/Jan/2018 05:41:00 AM »
What would you recommend?
i always use pcbway there boards are pretty high quality.

this is from the dirtypcbs website:
Where are my damn PCBs?
Your Gerbers will be sent to the factory on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:00am China time. There's no point in doing it sooner because they'll just queue them at the factory... Rush orders are pushed hourly, on the hour.
The factory takes 3-8 days to manufacture the boards. They batch as they please, it's cheapest. If it's a holiday in China we'll let you know before you order!
Boards come back to us, we ship them the same day
Hong Kong Post takes 1 to 8+ weeks, depending on where you are
DHL/FEDEX/UPS take 2-5days, tracking is provided 12-48 hours after shipment

whats the point waiting the extra time when you can order direct.

seeed studio fusion
ive ordered heaps from them, good quality boards, and never had a fault.
$25 US delivered for 10 boards 10cm x 10cm
General Discussion / Re: N64 Save Support (FW v0.23)
« Last post by skaman on 11/Jan/2018 09:24:53 AM »
I fixed the N64 Command & Conquer ROM size and added the N64 Rockman Dash FlashRAM save in the firmware.

New firmware release v0.23a is here:
I hope they reprint the N64 one, I have a feeling it's going to become a hot item.

I can't disagree with you on that one, Nori; after receiving a Nintendo 64 system I wanted for Christmas (that included the Expansion Pak), I am so anxious to purchase the N64 plugin hopefully at the end of this month or early next month (that's when I heard the next batch of Retrode2 stuff will be out, including all the plugins), so I can try it with the five games I have for the Nintendo 64 (Donkey Kong 64, Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time).
General Discussion / Re: Need a bit of help making a Mark III adapter
« Last post by Aleron Ives on 09/Jan/2018 10:21:01 AM »
I also got to put skaman's adapter through its paces today. The Retrode couldn't see the Mark III cart with my old firmware, so I updated to v0.22, and then it worked. My checksum for Phantasy Star matches the no-intro database, so I've applied the SMS Power English patch and am finally ready to experience the game with the proper soundtrack. Thanks skaman!

I'm also happy to report that firmware v0.22 is not generating USB errors in the Windows event log, so it appears that whatever USB problem was in the v0.18 firmware series is fixed now. My 3- and 6-button Genesis controllers are still working with the new firmware, so I'm not going to go back to v0.17g this time. :)
Support / Phantasy Star IV SRAM data compatibility with the Retrode2
« Last post by Knight of Time on 07/Jan/2018 01:42:04 AM » apologies if anyone else has asked about the current compatibility of Phantasy Star IV with the Retrode2, but does anyone know if this game's SRAM data works now with the latest firmware?

Skaman thought that the header for this game was good now according to a PM he sent me when I asked him about the game's compatibility with the Retrode2, so yeah, I'm crossing my fingers that this game's SRAM issues are fixed or that it has full compatibility now.

Thanks in advance.
Support / Re: Cannot grab sram from Game Boy Camera
« Last post by Wannado on 01/Jan/2018 09:11:04 PM »
I couldn't get the SRAM file at all from mine. Using the 0.20 Beta firmware that my Retrode 2 came with, I could only see a 1.2 megs "" file on the Retrode. It works in 3 different Game Boy types, and I cleaned the contacts with alcohol first, then contact cleaner as a second pass, having removed the cartridge shell.
This is hexdump's output for those values:
00000140  59 7f 7f 7f 36 31 7b fc  75 76 7d 33 7f 9d ba f9  |Y...61{.uv}3....|
No .sav file, the ROM is "".
00004000  f2 59 fb 59 76 5a 6d 5a  56 5a 4f 5a aa 5a d1 5a  |.Y.YvZmZVZOZ.Z.Z|
00004010  6a 53 53 53 4a 53 4d 53  52 53 57 53 74 53 8d 53  |jSSSJSMSRSWStS.S|

The data you posted doesn't look like a valid GB ROM to me (though I'm not a GB ROM expert). The only value that looks good to me is "fc" at offset 147, which identifies the GB Camera as such.

Since you cleaned the cartridge's contacts, please also check the other connectors involved for dirt and damage: both connectors of the plug-in as well as the connector of the Retrode.

For example, Wren had a plug-in with broken ground pin on the GB connector. See gb-pins-small.jpg attached to the post,338.msg2296.html#msg2296 (reply #8 in that thread). See also my reply (#10) in the same thread.
Support / Re: RAM files (.srm) not working. ROM files (.sfc) ok
« Last post by KingMike on 30/Dec/2017 06:01:59 PM »
Is GBA support still limited to ROM only?
I understand headers lack enough information for Retrode to reliably detect needed cart information (including save information. Some emulators would scan the ROM for certain text strings to determine save type, but at least one game developer used that to fool such emulators as an anti-piracy measure).

In reading them I had to force the size to the maximum 32MB.
(well, 32 was the maximum for actual games. I know there was a 64MB cart with a mapper made but it was only used by a couple of those GBA Video carts so there is very low interest in it.)
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