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General Discussion / Retron 5 Adapter in Retrode?
« on: 17/Feb/2017 04:06:04 PM »
So apparently the Retron guys released an adapter for the Retron 5 that plugs into the Genesis slot and allows the playing of SMS and GG carts, and also SMS cards. I realize that we already have an SMS adapter, but might it be a relatively easy task to update the Retrode firmware to recognize this adapter and allow the reading of GG carts and SMS cards as well? Just a thought...

Thanks all.

Support / Issue with SMS Control Pad
« on: 28/Dec/2014 05:23:40 AM »
Hey Matthias (and other Retrode gurus),

I am having an issue getting a Sega Master System control pad to work with the Retrode 2, with latest firmware. The pad works fine on a real SMS. A Genesis controller works fine on the Retrode.

The issue I have with the SMS pad specifically is that when I go to the Windows USB game controller setup, each button on the SMS pad is registered as 2 button presses by Windows. Button 1 on the pad gets read by Windows as if both buttons 1 and 2 on the virtual joypad were pressed, and button 2 on the pad gets read by Windows as if both buttons 4 and 5 on the virtual joypad were pressed. As a result, I can't set up the pad properly in Fusion, because it first asks to press the button for button 1, and gets 2 buttons in return, so it assigns the first to button 1 and the second to button 2, and they're both really the same button on the pad.

Does anyone else have this issue?


General Discussion / WTB - 2600 adapter
« on: 03/Aug/2014 11:22:27 PM »
Does anyone know anywhere I could buy a 2600 adapter for the Retrode (is anyone willing to sell theirs)? I also might be willing to pay someone to build one for me if that is an option...


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