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I have a fully loaded Retrode 2, including the Master System adapter, but I've been buying a few Japanese Mark III/Master System games which I wanted to be able to dump.

There's a couple of threads already about various third-party adapters being tested, none working from what I can tell. So I thought I'd "make" my own. Here's my thinking, and do stop me if any of this sounds wrong.

1. Find the physical bits needed to connect everything. That was relatively easy. After spending a couple of hours (!) on electronics supply sites, the cheapest way to get a MegaDrive connector on one end, with a Mark III connector on the other is Raphnet's Mark III for Megadrive adapter:
and here are the schematics for it:

2. Let's forget the above for a moment, and find out how the SMS adapter is pinned out. I found this:
Is this still accurate? Let's assume it is and move on.

3. We need to find out what the differences are between the SMS and the Mark III pinouts. I found this on SMS Power:

And at this point I'm kind of stumped as to how to use all this information. I think I'm missing an "export SMS to Mark III diagram" somewhere. Ideally, it'd support Mark III and Japanese SMS games[1], but I already see some difference in wiring for some lines that the Retrode uses (though I could have had my numbers crossed).

Any ideas? Cheers

[1]: Bonus point if I can dump those 2 SG-1000 cartridges I have ;)

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