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I'll look into it, but I need some additional information:
  • Which firmware version have you been using when reading the GB camera save still worked?
  • Please take a look at the .gb file with a hex editor: What are the values at offsets 147 hex (327 dec) and 149 hex (329 dec) of the GB camera ROM?
  • What's the file name of the .gb / .sav file?
  • What's the size of the .gb file?
  • Do the first few hundred bytes from the start of the .gb file repeat at offset 4000 hex (16384 dec)?

I've replied in the newer thread at,383.0.html

Support / Re: Cannot grab sram from Game Boy Camera
« on: Today at 01:37:22 AM »
I couldn't get the SRAM file at all from mine. Using the 0.20 Beta firmware that my Retrode 2 came with, I could only see a 1.2 megs "" file on the Retrode. It works in 3 different Game Boy types, and I cleaned the contacts with alcohol first, then contact cleaner as a second pass, having removed the cartridge shell.

The "[forceSize]" configuration option you added is probably not going to change anything, as that's just for the ROM size, not the SRAM size.

Answering @Wannado's question in,335.msg2334.html#msg2334
Which firmware version have you been using when reading the GB camera save still worked?

It never worked for me, and it's the only version of the firmware that I ever used. Maybe someone else can help?

Please take a look at the .gb file with a hex editor: What are the values at offsets 147 hex (327 dec) and 149 hex (329 dec) of the GB camera ROM?

This is hexdump's output for those values:
00000140  59 7f 7f 7f 36 31 7b fc  75 76 7d 33 7f 9d ba f9  |Y...61{.uv}3....|

What's the file name of the .gb / .sav file?

No .sav file, the ROM is "".

What's the size of the .gb file?

The file is 1192960 bytes long.

Do the first few hundred bytes from the start of the .gb file repeat at offset 4000 hex (16384 dec)?

No, here's about 10 lines of the stuff:
00004000  f2 59 fb 59 76 5a 6d 5a  56 5a 4f 5a aa 5a d1 5a  |.Y.YvZmZVZOZ.Z.Z|
00004010  6a 53 53 53 4a 53 4d 53  52 53 57 53 74 53 8d 53  |jSSSJSMSRSWStS.S|
00004020  ee 53 57 56 ae 56 d9 56  fe 56 57 55 de 55 5d 56  |.SWV.V.V.VWU.U]V|
00004030  b6 56 e3 56 3c 57 a9 57  ce 57 77 4a 2e 4a 39 4a  |.V.V<W.W.WwJ.J9J|
00004040  4e 4a 6f 4a 96 4a 9d 4a  ae 4a bf 4a d6 4a e9 4a  |NJoJ.J.J.J.J.J.J|
00004050  f2 4a fb 4a 6c 49 5d 49  22 49 27 49 2c 49 31 49  |.J.JlI]I"I'I,I1I|
00004060  36 49 3b 49 5f 49 55 49  56 49 67 49 7a 49 a9 49  |6I;I_IUIVIgIzI.I|
00004070  9a 49 ab 49 b4 49 bd 49  ce 49 df 49 f6 49 7d 4a  |.I.I.I.I.I.I.I}J|
00004080  52 4a 23 4a 9c 4a a9 4a  a6 4a ab 4a b6 4a b5 4a  |RJ#J.J.J.J.J.J.J|
00004090  ba 4a bf 4a d4 4a c9 4a  ce 4a d3 4a da 4a dd 4a  |.J.J.J.J.J.J.J.J|
000040a0  e2 4a f3 4a 76 4b 55 4b  26 4b 37 4b 4a 4b 65 4b  |.J.JvKUK&K7KJKeK|

General Discussion / Re: Multiple Retrode Controllers with Linux
« on: 23/Nov/2017 11:20:08 PM »
See my comments on this thread as well:,366.0.html as well.

Just needs a nice sticker now :)

(I've made such a sticker for the SMS/GG combo, after cutting up a Megadrive case as well, I'll post it once I've actually printed it out for testing)

Support / Re: SNES controller support, Linux
« on: 15/Nov/2017 12:38:49 AM »
Bummer. Even Fedora 26 only has 4.11, and Debian-based distros are further behind. Linux Mint won't let you get 4.12 from the update manager, so you'd have to manually install it.

Fedora 26's current kernel is a 4.13 kernel. You can see the module right there, in F26's latest kernel update:

I guess I don't understand why a special driver is needed, though. I thought the Retrode displayed controllers as HID-compliant devices for the specific purpose of making sure that you wouldn't need a special driver to use them.

It shows up as a single joypad with tons of buttons without a driver, which works fine if you can remap all the buttons, but not easy to work with, and impossible to do in some games and emulators.

The driver splits it up into 4 separate joypads with nice names and a device for the SNES mouse if you have one, and want to use it for emulating Mario Paint, for maximum immersion :) Is that clearer than my previous comment?

Support / Re: SNES controller support, Linux
« on: 11/Oct/2017 12:02:33 PM »
Upgrade your kernel!

I wrote a driver for the Retrode which splits off the 4 joysticks into SNES/N64 and Megadrive pairs, along with understandable names. It's upstream now, but you can use this out-of-tree driver if you need:

I will not answer questions about the out-of-tree driver, as it's only there for my own development, and helping reviewers. Ask your distribution to add the Retrode driver to their kernel if you run into trouble with the out-of-tree driver.


General Discussion / Re: Adaptors
« on: 10/Sep/2017 03:27:44 PM »
Just wanted to add that the 32x while plugged into the retro gold genesis port will rip 32x games fine, ive had no problems with that.

If somebody wants to add to the list that 32X cartridges (I've only tested it with Star Wars Arcade mind!) can be rippped using a simple region converter. You can also take your Retrode or cartridge apart for it to physically fit in the Megadrive slot.

> @hadess whats wrong with just using that markiii to megadrive converter with the retrode? The schematic looks pretty straight forward so it should work.

Well, because it didn't work ;)

I should probably have added this information in my first post, but I had been putting off posting for so long, that I didn't even think to try and explain why I went down this path.

I have 2 cartridges that work out of the box with the adapter on my Megadrive II PAL:
- Enduro Racer (Mark III)
- Alex Kidd In Miracle World (Mark III)

Those 3 games will not boot without stack init. A trick that's mentioned on the Raphnet page is to swap a working cartridge quickly with a non-working one, while powered off. Another way, which I wouldn't recommend but works is to start the Megadrive with the adapter but not the cartridge, insert the cartridge and press Reset. Anyhoo, the 3 games:
- Alex Kidd BMX Trial (Mark III)
- Space Harrier 3D (Mark III/SMS)
- Opa Opa (Mark III/SMS)

All 5 of those are detected as 4 megs "GenericRomInSegaSlot.dat" dumps. Dumping the ROMs ends up in garbage.

There's a few active components on the Mark III/SMD adapter, where the Retrode SMS adapter has none.

Hope that clears any doubts about the reason why I'm asking ;)

(and if you want to share your pinout for the card reader, probably in a separate thread, it'd be appreciated!)


I have a fully loaded Retrode 2, including the Master System adapter, but I've been buying a few Japanese Mark III/Master System games which I wanted to be able to dump.

There's a couple of threads already about various third-party adapters being tested, none working from what I can tell. So I thought I'd "make" my own. Here's my thinking, and do stop me if any of this sounds wrong.

1. Find the physical bits needed to connect everything. That was relatively easy. After spending a couple of hours (!) on electronics supply sites, the cheapest way to get a MegaDrive connector on one end, with a Mark III connector on the other is Raphnet's Mark III for Megadrive adapter:
and here are the schematics for it:

2. Let's forget the above for a moment, and find out how the SMS adapter is pinned out. I found this:
Is this still accurate? Let's assume it is and move on.

3. We need to find out what the differences are between the SMS and the Mark III pinouts. I found this on SMS Power:

And at this point I'm kind of stumped as to how to use all this information. I think I'm missing an "export SMS to Mark III diagram" somewhere. Ideally, it'd support Mark III and Japanese SMS games[1], but I already see some difference in wiring for some lines that the Retrode uses (though I could have had my numbers crossed).

Any ideas? Cheers

[1]: Bonus point if I can dump those 2 SG-1000 cartridges I have ;)

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