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Title: What is Going on With the Kazzo NES Dumper?
Post by: Damned on 12/Jul/2018 05:20:37 AM
I was interested to purchase it because the Retrode 2 doesn't have any plugins that support NES / Famicom and the Kazzo does exactly that, with them even mentioning designing a brand new model, but I'm worried because...

We're doing everything we can to finalize the hardware and start production this month (Jan 2018) to support release by Feb 2018.

It's been five months since then and the Kazzo is still not in stock. When I sent in a support ticket bringing this up, asking them if they had cancelled their plans, they did not respond.

Can anyone with more experience with Infinite NES Lives tell me if this has happened before or if production is still going on? I'm just nervous, because there doesn't seem to be any other NES dumpers around and there are a lot of NES games I would like to dump.

Yes, I realize this is a forum for the Retrode and not the Kazzo, but the Kazzo doesn't have its own forums to ask on.
Title: Re: What is Going on With the Kazzo NES Dumper?
Post by: mistermorcus on 17/Jul/2018 06:48:40 PM
I actually happen to know the answer to this. There was a project on Kickstarter called NESMaker and the project creators apparently made a deal with the folks at InfiniteLives to produce a new version of the Kazzo (and potentially updated firmware?) to go with the NESMaker software.  I think they are busy trying to finish everything to get the hardware fulfillment in for people that backed at that tier.

The NESMaker software is a front-end that helps users dynamically make their own NES games without ever actually writing or knowing the underlying code.  This will allow people to make their own nes game carts using the Kazzo.

I got my Kazzo from them a year or two ago and it was quickly delivered. Hopefully once the Kickstarter stuff gets sorted out they will be back to business as usual.
Title: Re: What is Going on With the Kazzo NES Dumper?
Post by: Land95 on 01/Sep/2018 06:13:33 PM
The hardware is now for sale.  The software is in early beta.