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General Discussion / Re: WTB - 2600 adapter
« on: 06/Aug/2014 06:03:00 PM »
Yes they did exist
Yes for a limited time.
Matthias used some of my 2600 games to test.
I think at one point there were problems because of the power the chips used but don't quote me on that.
There was also someone fixing firmware to help make it work better.

General Discussion / Re: Well... Now what?
« on: 04/Jul/2014 09:50:07 PM »
Getting the boards made up isn't hard... Especially if Matthias send someone the eaglecad files.

Even if Matthias sent me the files and I added it to my next pcb order, we probably wouldn't be able to source the connectors..

As Matthias said, it's the connectors that are the pain.

General Discussion / Re: Procedure for transferring save data
« on: 31/Aug/2013 03:40:35 AM »
retrode 1 is metal. retrode 2 is plastic. afaik retrode 2 never came out with metal shell.

General Discussion / Re: Procedure for transferring save data
« on: 29/Aug/2013 08:33:37 AM »
in the place where the rom and savefile are, is another file. that is the retrode config file. just open it up in notepad, make the change, save. thats it.

if you mess up, just delete it and the retrode will make a new one.

General Discussion / Re: Procedure for transferring save data
« on: 28/Aug/2013 06:48:38 PM »
just copy it back. overwrite. eject the complete retrode from windows the right way. done. (thats how i did mine)

Support / Re: GB plugin bent pins
« on: 10/Aug/2013 05:56:37 AM »
the pins are fine. its the plastic bits that hold the pins from protruding out too far that are broke.

probably could fix it with a bit of patience and crazy glue, but you should talk to matthias, assuming you ordered your stuff from him.

General Discussion / Re: tapatalk
« on: 06/Aug/2013 09:58:24 AM »
its a plugin that presents a nice and easy way to use the forum from a handy. 
if you use a normal pc browser, you wont even notice it.
works with iOS devices and android devices.

plugin link ::

screenie ::

General Discussion / tapatalk
« on: 05/Aug/2013 08:46:28 PM »
hey matthias, can you enable/install tapatalk on the forums?


General Discussion / Re: Raspberry Pi Retrode Bash Script
« on: 11/Jul/2013 08:42:22 PM »
cant crontab it?

Support / Re: USB port conectivity issue
« on: 11/Jul/2013 08:36:39 PM »
not a problem. i am a bloody idiot when it comes to electronics ;)


pretty sure you need mass storage for the emu to read the carts.

unless you want the retrode for controllers only?

glad you got it to work.  i dont have one yet :(

if you feel there is enough to write a tutorial about, and are so inclined, please do, and email it to and i will see about getting it added to the tutorials section on

General Discussion / Re: MESS databse, looking for contributors
« on: 01/Jun/2013 06:31:01 PM »
not retrode related, but i considered doing softlists from the stuff in my website database, which is mainly optical based systems, but the mame/mess crew (outside of one) seemed to have no desire to work with us.

edit:  also, sorry all my snes are USA titles.

General Discussion / Re: Retrode & Star Ocean
« on: 02/Apr/2013 02:54:09 AM »

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