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General Discussion / Re: Progress on N64/GBA save support?
« on: 18/Sep/2017 01:20:58 PM »
If you have a prototype N64/GBx plugin, then you'll need to add two connections - CLK and S_DATA.  I'll post pictures of a modified prototype adapter if anyone is interested.

I'd love to see the modifications.  Still have 6 or 7 of those prototype adapter boards kicking around.  Might as well keep them up to date.

General Discussion / Re: SNES Enhanced Cart Support (BETA)
« on: 23/Jun/2017 11:20:40 AM »
Do you intend to release the board files for the enhanced adapter?  Just curious, because I made my own N64/GBx adapter from the design files that are publicly released.


I am able to make GBx adapters for the retrode. See the end of this thread:,304.0.html

The adapters I sell have a space for an n64 slot - I just don't have any n64 slots at the moment.

General Discussion / Re: Retrode Plugin Boards Here
« on: 08/Oct/2016 09:13:35 PM »

Yes, the adapters have the mounting holes for an N64 port.  I already added one to the first adapter that I made (but with no N64 games to test with, I don't know whether the N64 slot works).  Also of note: I never got around to epoxying my GBx adapter, and it works fine. Surprisingly sturdy.

I think I would want $12 per GBx adapter board plus whatever shipping method you want to pay for.  Each individual extra board would be $3 (price I paid plus 60 cents).  The blank boards come with the necessary resistor pre-installed.

I have 10 blank GBx/N64 boards available (nothing but the resistor soldered at the moment).

I'm located in the USA.

If you'd like to buy any, send me a direct message here (and I'll try to check back in a few days  :)  after there was no response in the first few weeks I didn't expect anyone to be interested)

Note: If anyone else is interested, send me a personal message.  If there's enough interest, I could try to scrounge up some more GBx plugs (hard to find these days) and make another order for boards.

General Discussion / Re: Retrode Plugin Boards Here
« on: 15/Jul/2016 11:53:16 AM »
I'm urgently looking for GBx cart slots to produce more GBx Plugins... does anyone have a good source? :/

The only place I've found is eBay these days.  They used to be on, but ran out of stock and have since disappeared.

I have enough PCBs and slots to produce 10 GBx adapters (which also have holes to accept an N64 slot).  Anyone want one?  I would test them with my own games after making and before sending.

General Discussion / Re: Retrode Plugin Boards Here
« on: 12/Sep/2015 10:08:13 PM »
The board works with the GBA slot!

I just backed up my tiny GBA collection (3 games).

If people are interested, I'd be willing to buy more GBA slots, solder/epoxy them, and sell GBx boards.  I haven't done the N64 one yet.

General Discussion / Re: Retrode Plugin Boards Here
« on: 12/Sep/2015 02:12:11 AM »
The boards are here!
I got 11 of them (yay for 'protopack' meaning somewhere between 9 and 12 boards).
Having examined them, they're certainly not the fanciest things on earth - no gold-plated slot contacts or anything.  But it looks like they were fabbed correctly and they slot nicely into the Retrode.
See attached (wonky angle) picture.

Now I need to do some quick research and see if the GBA slot I ordered will work properly (pin orientation/order).  Looks like I will need to modify the bottom of the GBA slot, as there are two prongs sticking out.  I intend to epoxy the slot in place once it's soldered - no need for reinforcement underneath.

Looks like the GBA slot will work - now I need to find time today to solder and test it.  Note that you need to snap off two plastic tabs which keep you from plugging in the older GBC and GB games.

Is anyone interested in a bare adapter board?  Or would you guys prefer that I order the GBx slots and solder/epoxy them down before selling?

General Discussion / Re: Retrode Plugin Boards Here
« on: 27/Aug/2015 10:40:47 PM »
The N64/GBx boards have shipped now.  It'll be anywhere between 10 days and 8 weeks (:\) before they arrive.  Yay shipping.

General Discussion / Re: Retrode Plugin Boards Here
« on: 20/Aug/2015 12:46:41 PM »
Just ordered one of these, to see if it will work properly:

The above slot will try to keep you from plugging in GBC and GB games because the DS Lite doesn't work with those.  I'm pretty confident I can snip some plastic from the slot and make it work.  I don't need this to repair a DS Lite - I just need the cartridges to plug in!

I also ordered an old N64 GameShark, so I can de-solder the slot and re-use it on the adapter PCB.

Makes me wonder who DragonBox is working with in order to manufacture the slots for the Retrode and the adapters.

General Discussion / Re: Retrode Plugin Boards Here
« on: 17/Aug/2015 10:47:55 AM »
Thanks for posting these boards.

I was thinking about waiting and asking someone else to check the boards, but I decided to just order some.

Instead of using OSH Park (which honestly make great PCBs from what I hear), I decided to use DirtyPcbs.  Not only do I get more boards for less (between 9 and 12 for $25, instead of $34 for 3 from OSH), if none of them work then I'm out less money than OSH Park wanted.

All I did was upload the "n64GBx.brd" file which is hosted here:

I suppose that now I get to have the fun of locating some N64 and GBx slots.  Broken GBAs are pretty cheap these days, I hear...

If these boards end up working properly, I'll be very happy.  I will also post the link to them on the DirtyPcbs page and be willing to sell my extra boards on the cheap.

I'm excited that production is going to be starting again!

I'd like to see a production version of the combined N64/GBx adapter.

Not just because I'm cheap, but because I don't need to use original N64 controllers (don't have any).   :)

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