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Support / Re: Trouble dumping Star Fox 64
« on: 25/Jan/2019 01:03:23 AM »
Using a cotton swap with isopropyl alcohol is the only way to get bad carts to read, IME. If even one pin is dirty, you'll get a bad dump.

Support / Re: About to Buy A Retrode 2. A Few Questions.
« on: 21/Sep/2018 05:53:34 AM »
That's awesome. I hate how GBA titles have repetitive voice samples.

If you're desperate, you can also overdump the cart and then trim it to the correct size using a hex editor afterwards, rather than trying to force the correct size for each game.

Support / Re: About to Buy A Retrode 2. A Few Questions.
« on: 12/Jul/2018 07:53:33 AM »
You'll probably have to update the firmware yourself, but it isn't hard to do.

As far as SGB is concerned, there isn't anything to dump AFAIK, except maybe the built-in stock borders? Most good GB emulators have SGB support, so you can play games with special SGB palettes and borders, as that content is already in the GB cart. The special "Help!" samples in Donkey Kong require SNES emulation that no GB emulators handle, so the only way to get SGB sound enhancement is to play on a real SNES.

I also got to put skaman's adapter through its paces today. The Retrode couldn't see the Mark III cart with my old firmware, so I updated to v0.22, and then it worked. My checksum for Phantasy Star matches the no-intro database, so I've applied the SMS Power English patch and am finally ready to experience the game with the proper soundtrack. Thanks skaman!

I'm also happy to report that firmware v0.22 is not generating USB errors in the Windows event log, so it appears that whatever USB problem was in the v0.18 firmware series is fixed now. My 3- and 6-button Genesis controllers are still working with the new firmware, so I'm not going to go back to v0.17g this time. :)

Support / Re: SNES controller support, Linux
« on: 15/Nov/2017 09:51:38 AM »
Fedora 26's current kernel is a 4.13 kernel.
I was talking about the kernel Fedora 26 ships with. Kernel updates are, IME, a risky venture, even though you can ostensibly roll back to a previous kernel if something goes wrong with the new one.

Is that clearer than my previous comment?
Yep. Hopefully I can get the driver on github to compile and run under Mint. ;D

Awesome! I've been waiting for somebody to work on the Mark III. My Phantasy Star cart is also eager to be dumped. ;)

Support / Re: SNES controller support, Linux
« on: 14/Oct/2017 01:06:45 AM »
Bummer. Even Fedora 26 only has 4.11, and Debian-based distros are further behind. Linux Mint won't let you get 4.12 from the update manager, so you'd have to manually install it. I guess I don't understand why a special driver is needed, though. I thought the Retrode displayed controllers as HID-compliant devices for the specific purpose of making sure that you wouldn't need a special driver to use them.

Support / Re: SNES controller support, Linux
« on: 13/Oct/2017 12:39:16 AM »
Is there a specific minimum kernel version that would be likely to have it?

I'm still hoping for a solution to this problem, too. My Japanese Phantasy Star cart sits alone, waiting to be dumped. Gotta have that superior Mark III music! 8)

The other way to do it is to overdump and then use a site like Dat-o-Matic to get the correct ROM size and trim the end of your ROM to the correct length. If the checksum matches afterwards, you got a good dump.

General Discussion / Re: Desperate for a retrode
« on: 22/Feb/2017 08:18:41 PM »
DragonBox is out of stock. ;)

Support / Re: Using the Retrode2 with a 32X and a 32X game
« on: 19/Feb/2017 10:33:33 PM »
So you might be forced to take the Retrode's PCB out of its case in order to be able and plug the 32X in. I guess that's what Aleron Ives was trying to tell you.
Well, not quite. I have no idea how well the 32X system would fit into the Retrode, as I do not own a 32X system. You do not need a 32X system to dump 32X games with the Retrode, though. The problem is that 32X games have a different cartridge width than Megasis games do to prevent people from trying to play 32X games on a regular Megasis system, and the Retrode uses the regular Megasis cartridge slot size, so the 32X game won't fit into the Retrode's cartridge slot.

The pinout is the same as a Megasis cart, however, so all you have to do is remove the plastic shell from the Retrode, and then you can put the 32X cart directly onto the Retrode's Megasis slot. You don't need a 32X system at all if you're willing to do some simple disassembly.

Connect the 32X and cartridge to the Retrode before connecting the Retrode to the computer. Disconnect the Retrode from the computer before disconnecting the 32X or cartridge.
This is what I did, and it worked fine. I had trouble getting the Retrode to read my Chaotix cart, but after two or three cleanings, it finally worked. I think one pin in particular was extra dirty and causing the problem.

Support / Re: Using the Retrode2 with a 32X and a 32X game
« on: 15/Feb/2017 10:41:11 PM »
I dumped several 32X carts with my Retrode by removing the Retrode board from its case, and the ROMs all work fine. I did get the option to copy the save files, but since I bought the games used for the purpose of dumping them with the Retrode, I don't know if the save data was valid, as I didn't use it (and it may have already expired or been erased by the previous owner).

Support / Re: Spiritual Warfare GB
« on: 17/Jan/2017 10:54:34 PM »
Unofficial games likely don't obey the official cart specifications, so you'd probably need a custom Retrode firmware to work around whatever hacky tricks the cart is using.

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