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General Discussion / Re: Retron 5 Adapter in Retrode?
« on: 21/Feb/2017 12:45:14 AM »
We would need to see the PCB to check the traces, but it would make sense if it was wired the same as the Retrode SMS/GG adapter.

Who's going to buy one and open it up?

General Discussion / Re: New firmware beta: v0.19 beta
« on: 13/May/2016 10:34:32 AM »
Props Wannado :)

Support / Re: Master System Cartridge To Sega Card Help
« on: 14/Oct/2015 12:28:14 PM »
Ah, I misunderstood. If it works on real hardware, I don't see why it wouldn't on the retrode.

I would still like to see the wiring you used please :)

Support / Re: Master System Cartridge To Sega Card Help
« on: 14/Oct/2015 10:32:12 AM »
This is great RazorX, it's a shame it's not working.

Could you post your wiring information? It would be useful to check, so we can make sure you got the pins correct.

If my memory serves me correctly from when I was looking into the Master system adapter, it should just be a case of linking the right pins from the card to the right pins on the Megadrive edge connector. The Retrode should see something, even if the file isn't named correctly. There should be no issue with the firmware needing to do any address switching as I think the largest Sega Card games were 32KB.

General Discussion / Re: Retrode Plugin Boards Here
« on: 21/Aug/2015 11:17:55 AM »
I also ordered an old N64 GameShark, so I can de-solder the slot and re-use it on the adapter PCB.

I'm pretty sure that you could just use one of the master system edge connectors from tototek, both 50 pin and if I remember correctly, both 1.6mm thick.

Support / Re: SMS plug in and SGG compatibility
« on: 30/Dec/2013 12:58:40 AM »
It seems to me that the most cost effective method available to me would be to salvage a slot from an existing device and I was thinking of taking one out of an old Game Gear Game Genie, but this leaves me questioning whether or not this part will fit properly. If anyone would happen to know I would greatly appreciate the info as it might save me from wasting $10 if the part won't fit.

I had a quick look via google and found a couple of pictures of the Game Gear Game Genie PCG on the SMSPower forums.

Game Gear Game Genie PCB  front
Game Gear Game Genie PCB back

The pins look the same as the original cart slot pins, but might be worth measuring first. The body round the slot is bigger than round the original cart slot, you should also check that bit will fit on the adapter PCB.

I have seen adapters out there you can make/get.


Yeah, I made one of those too :) It doesn't work as a memory card though, you can't just use it to save games to it. It is compatible with a few games for transferring files, and then works well with homebrew.

abferm was enquiring if the Retrode could be made to read/write to the memory card. I mentioned the SD card communication protocol as I knew about the adapter. I have never seen anything about anyone making an adapter the other way (to plug a memory card into a USB SD card reader) though.

Pretty sure that the Gamecube memory card uses the same communication protocol as SD cards... not that that helps at all :)

General Discussion / Re: Adaptors
« on: 03/May/2013 10:45:06 PM »
Well...I have tried to find JP to US SMS converter but I can't find any merchandise.
So,I can make that by comparing JP and US SMS pinouts.
But maybe that's not the point.

You should indeed be able to build an adapter with a suitable cartridge socket. As you say, the pins are in a different order, but route them through to the correct pins on a megadrive edge connector (no point making a JAP > US/PAL master system adapter, it would probably be a bit unstable), and the retrode should be able to read it.

Some useful links:
Various Sega pinouts
where to connect the signals to on the megadrive cart

If you build one, let us know :)

General Discussion / Re: Adaptors
« on: 12/Mar/2013 02:53:38 PM »
I have a question for any of the local plugin experimentors: would an MSX plugin for the Retrode be feasible? I have been considering expanding my cartridge game empire, and while there already exists a device to read MSX cartridges with a PC, the device in question has been unsupported since the XP days, so there is a space for the Retrode to shine here.

There are certainly enough pins on the genesis to one-to-one the MSX's cartridge pinout and then some (here is the pinout for reference), so that is not an issue, but I am sure there are other possible issues I know nothing about.

Does anyone have any input?

Just having a look at the signals, most of them look okay, but power wise, there is a +12v (pin #48) and a -12v (pin #50). Not knowing anything about the MSX, I have no idea if the standard cartridges have anything on them that require such voltages, but the retrode, in it's default state, does not have any means of outputting +/-12v.

General Discussion / Re: Birthday!! Join the party and win
« on: 03/Dec/2012 08:51:44 AM »
My T-Shirt arrived too, and it doesn't seem to have any controller ports on it... ;)

Thanks Matthias!

General Discussion / Re: Adaptors
« on: 26/Aug/2012 06:15:53 PM »
How about offering them with a blank shell, to be cut by the purchaser?

General Discussion / Re: Feature suggestions
« on: 24/Jul/2012 08:47:31 PM »
Matthias: when you replied to my tweet, you said that it wouldn't work with the original batch of Game Boy plug-in adapters. Is it just a missing connection from Game Boy pin to the adapter edge connector (as in, can an original one be modded to have the same functionality?). I want to try backing up some Game Boy Camera photos :)

Oops, fixed them.

Just out of curiosity, is the Raspberry Pi powerful enough to run XBMC with no hiccups?

As well as Raspbmc, there is OpenELEC. I have tried both, and had more luck with OpenELEC. If you look around, you can find precompiled SD card images rather than building your own.

Edit: Bad links, now sorted, sorry!

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