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Awesome - thanks!

Thanks!  Hope it works out successfully.

It's cool to see development on the firmware moving at a fast pace again!  The Retrode already covers the vast majority of my collection, but there are a couple of cartridges out there that I'm interested in; one of those is Super Street Fighter II for the Genesis.

From the documentation (, it looks pretty straightforward:
  • read 0x000000 through 0x3FFFFF into a 5MB buffer
  • write 8 to 0xA130FD
  • write 9 to 0xA130FF
  • read 0x300000 through 0x3FFFFF again into the last 1MB of the 5MB buffer

But, I don't know anything about microcontrollers, so I don't understand the complexity involved in actually implementing that.

Is SSFII worth a look for a future version of the firmware, or is this tougher than it looks?  Thanks!

Edit: I'd be happy to chip in a US cart as a donor for testing.

Support / Re: My hashes don't match No-Intro. Is that normal?
« on: 16/Dec/2016 09:10:18 PM »
There is also the issue of byte-order with N64 ROMs.
From what I understand, people have been arguing for a long time over what the correct byte order is in N64 ROMs.

(like if you open an N64 ROM in a hex editor, there should be at least a game title in ASCII. IIRC, No-Intro uses the byte-order that creates a jumbled title (like instead of SUPER MARIO 64, USEP RAMIR O46, or whatever)
Yep, this was it.  Thanks!

I'll get (or write) a tool to swap endianness (dd conv=swab won't work, as it swaps byte pairs; it looks like N64 conversion involves pivoting quads) and try again.

Support / Re: Does the Retrode 2 work with Windows 10?
« on: 06/Aug/2016 02:06:07 PM »
Another vote for the Linux live USB firmware method.  It's far more reliable than the Windows method in my experience.

Support / My hashes don't match No-Intro. Is that normal?
« on: 26/Jul/2016 10:47:56 PM »
I'm using a Retrode running v0.19, HW ver 2.2, plugged directly into a USB 3.0 port, the N64 plugin from DragonBox, clean cartridges, and the voltage is set to 3.3V.  I'm running Win10, and am using PowerShell's Get-FileHash cmdlet as my verifier.

However, none of my hashes match No-Intro.  A few examples (these are my hashes, not No-Intro's):

Doom 64: B67748B64A2CC7EFD2F3AD4504561E0E
F-Zero X: 753437D0D8ADA1D12F3F9CF0F0A5171F
SW Racer: 1EE8800A4003E7F9688C5A35F929D01B
Zelda MM: 2A0A8ACB61538235BC1094D297FB6556
GoldenEye: 70C525880240C1E838B8B1BE35666C3B

(And many more; I tried to pick common cartridges that didn't have multiple variants.)

These load in RetroArch Mupen okay, so I'm not sure if I should be worried that parts of the file are corrupt.  Is it normal to get dumps that don't match?


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