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General Discussion / Game Gear SMS Plugin Question
« on: 17/Nov/2018 11:42:23 AM »
I am working on soldering the game gear cartridge slot (the type sold from eBay) to the SMS plugin and was wondering how the slot should be positioned on the plugin board. If the cartridge slot is flush with the board (see picture linked below) the pins extend pretty far in the back and there is not very much space between the slot and the pins from the SMS slot.

Is that the right position for the slot? Do those pins then need to get shortened after the slot is soldered? Or should the slot not be flush to the board so that the pins don't stick out? Any pictures from other folks who have done the mod would be appreciated!

General Discussion / Works on Wii U
« on: 23/Jul/2017 11:03:07 PM »
For those that have a Wii U and have set up homebrew, retrode does work with the fat32 verison of mocha + retroarch!

General Discussion / Transfering save game to gameboy cartridge
« on: 24/Oct/2013 09:48:13 PM »
I just wanted to confirm that transfering a save to a physical game boy color game is supported. I updated my retrode firmware to the latest version and edited the configuration file to disable write protecting saves but couldnt get it to work and wanted to confirm this feature exists before I fiddle with it again.

General Discussion / Preorder question
« on: 06/Sep/2012 03:20:23 AM »
I'd like to order the GB plugin, but may also decide in a few weeks that I want the N64 adapter too. If I order the gameboy plugin can I change my order later (before it ships in Dec.) and just pay the additional cost of the N64 adapter? Or would I need to place a separate order and pay shipping again?

General Discussion / 32x for SNES
« on: 19/Aug/2012 08:02:18 PM »
Just bought a retrode, looking forward to getting it in the mail, but I had a question about the 32x adapter.

Can someone explain what the 32x is? There is a reference to it in the FAQ ("Actually, using the 32X adapters the Retrode has been found to read 32X carts, so woo-hoo there.") And it seems to have to do with adjusting the physical size of the cart, but I haven't found any other reference to (for example a picture of what it looks like) who makes it/where/if it can be purchased, etc.

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