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Support / N64 plugin permanently sold out?
« on: 09/Mar/2019 10:51:36 PM »
Does anyone know of any place one can still buy an N64 plugin? Now that save backup is possible I would love to get one, but it seems to be sold out and has been for the longest time now.

General Discussion / Sega CD backup cartridge compatibility
« on: 06/Dec/2018 10:37:06 PM »
Probably a long shot but is there any chance someday we will be able to backup our Sega CD backup cartridge save data?
When trying it in the Retrode currently it gives a GenericRomInSegaSlot.dat file, which is about 4mb but seems to serve no purpose.

I've updated to firmware v0.24 and can't seem to be able to transfer save files back. Now it seems save files use .sav instead or srm so I copy and paste the name including the extension to my existing saves but when I transfer them I get this message saying the file size is too big. The .sav I'm trying to move is 8kb.

Here's the message I get.

Has something changed in recent versions? I have the save/write setting to 0, but I tried with 1 as well to no avail.

I noticed going through my backups that some games have 8kb, and some 32kb saves from the previous versions (used to be srms). This particular game Final Fantasy Adventure is 8kb and called Seiken Densetsu for the rom and save file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :)

Support / Problem with Genesis saves
« on: 23/Mar/2014 07:26:04 PM »

Basically all srm's from Genesis/MD games that I've tried can be backed up and sent back to the carts if unmodified by an emulator.

Any saves either modified from playing on an emu or created via an emu do not transfer back.
With SNES games there is no such problem.

I tried transfering a save from Kega via the command prompt using the type c:\folderx\ShiningForcexxx.srm > i:\ShiningForcexxx.srm

The file does get moved as indicated by the date on file but as soon as I try it in a real console it's back to zero without the save. I have the savewrite to 0 and sega16 to 1 as instructed.

This is very frustrating and disapointing. Any help would be tremendously appreciated.

Support / Questions regarding srm transfers between PC and Carts
« on: 13/Nov/2013 07:14:53 PM »
Hello all,

Is there a list of SNES and Genesis game saves that are known to not transfer correctly? For example I read that Phantasy Star IV does not transfer well and neither do the flash memory type cartridges such as Sonic 3 and Wonderboy.

In the case of transfering from the PC to the Retrode does deleting the existing srm and renaming the one on the PC to the matching name on the cartridge, then dragging it to the cartridge suffice?

I would like to learn the proper way but am not very good at this so any help with clear tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and best regards.

EDITED; I feel so silly, in my original message I mentionned how two gameboy games stopped working after using them in the Retrode. Turns out the Gameboy was simply low on batteries and so the games work fine.
However, the save games saves were not transfered, I mean they did end on my PC but they're blank saves as in it starts up as if there were no saves. Apologies to Matthew. Are GB srm transfers not yet fully functional?

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