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Support / Retrodode functions as Joy2Key on Win8
« on: 11/Oct/2014 04:19:16 PM »
Right now it's only a semantic problem, but I noticed on emulators like bsnes and SNES9x, on Win7 it would detect the buttons on my SNES controller as controller buttons (ie. Select is "(J0) Button 7" or something).
But on my Windows 8 PC, it effectively functions as a Joy2Key (ie. pushing Select maps as Spacebar).
The buttons seem to still function correctly but I just wonder if I could at some point hit a problem using a real keyboard has, like you can't press many keys at once, or unwanted activation of Windows Disability functions (like Sticky Keys).
The other difference is that I notice is this PC has the "SS USB" ports. Don't know if that matters.

Support / Game Boy dumps
« on: 06/Mar/2014 07:14:17 PM »
Would I be correct in guessing the Retrode Game Boy adapter does not properly support MBC2 games: it can read the ROM just fine, but it does not detect the SRAM (because the SRAM is built into the mapper and so games will report no SRAM in the header). These are cart type 06 in the header.

Dumped about half my collection and I know these are MBC2 games:
Aretha I (though I know Aretha II is also affected)
Dragon Slayer Gaiden
Final Fantasy Adventure
Final Fantasy Legend 1
Kid Icarus of Myths and Monsters
Momotarou Densetsu Gaiden
Ninja Taro
Rolan's Curse 2
Tenchi wo Kurau

I know the MBC2 is set up to have 256 bytes of SRAM, but it is split using half a byte of A000-A1FF, and I'm not completely sure what Aretha does but I think it expects to read some garbage in the unused half of those bytes because as I recall it requires "RAM locking" to be turned on in bgb or the game will puke over itself when attempting to save. (though I suppose this will be harder to get support for, being that only a Japanese-exclusive RPG is affected)

Momotarou Collection 2 also won't dump correctly but I'm guessing the retrode doesn't like the few official multicart games as emulators don't seem to have good support for them either?

EDIT: Added a few more affected games.

Support / A few Genesis games not reading
« on: 05/Dec/2013 06:09:42 AM »
Just got mine, great so far.

I was going through my collection of Genesis games and noticed a few of them will not read, even though I have cleaned them. I checked and they booted just fine on my actual hardware (US model 2 Genesis).
Results in Kega Fusion:
Batman (The (original) Video Game) (US) - black screen with screeching noises. I check the ROM and the header looks normal.
Zero Wing (Japan) - plays intro without sound, when trying to start gameplay freezes on a black screen with only the HUD visible
Sorceror's Kingdom (US) - black screen, glitch title in header. From opening the dump in a hex editor and looking at the header, it looks the ROM is somehow interleaving itself

And a few with bad checksums but still play. Unsure if normal:
MegaPanel (Japan)
US: Dynamite Headdy, Lightening Force, The Flintstones

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