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Support / Mega Man X2
« on: 12/Jul/2014 12:27:36 PM »
Hey guys, has anyone gotten Mega Man X2 (or X3?) working with the Retrode? I didn't think the Cx4 chip would give the Retrode the same problem as the SA1 does, considering the Super FX works. However, when I try to run the game in an emulator, it displays the Capcom logo then... nothing.

I tried searching the forum (and cleaning several times) without success. The game, of course, works great on the SNES. It detects a 2 MB (16 Mbit) ROM, which appears to be the correct size.

General Discussion / Progress on N64/GBA save support?
« on: 01/Jun/2013 12:00:40 PM »
Hello. I was just wondering if there has been any support for EEPROM/FRAM/whatever else for N64 and GBA games? It may not be quite as trivial as the existing save ram support, but a quick Google search should be able to pull up the specs for any chip in question. For example, "Game & Watch Gallery 4" has an MB85R256:

Which doesn't look too difficult for the Retrode to support. Read-only support would be fine as a starting point, as there are quite a few games I'd like to be able to resume my on-cart progress.

If you are a bit too busy, I also have some embedded development experience and would be willing to help out here.

General Discussion / Kirby's Tilt & Tumble Emulated on Android?
« on: 29/Mar/2013 08:30:39 PM »
Hey folks. Is anyone aware of an Android emulator that has proper accelerometer support for Kirby's Tilt & Tumble? My adaptor just arrived, and it would be nice to be able to play this game more-or-less how it was intended without having to go back to an unlit original GBA for proper tilt orientation.

Support / N64 problems : Ocarina of Time and Paper Mario
« on: 27/Mar/2013 01:33:00 AM »
So I just got my N64 adaptor and proceeded to try all my N64 games. Most worked great, but I was unable to get Ocarina of Time and Paper Mario to work properly. Paper Mario at least runs, but has very weird "loading times" between scenes. Ocarina of Time would not start at all. When I tried Mupen 64 as an alternate emulator, it informed me that both dumps are bad. I guess it does a CRC check for me, while Project 64 does not. However, when I clean and reinsert the games, the copy comes out exactly the same. Anyone having similar problems with these or other N64 games? Any suggestions?

General Discussion / GBA Rom Sizes
« on: 26/Mar/2013 09:59:28 PM »
Well, my adaptors just arrived today, and I couldn't be happier. However, for some of the GBA games, the heuristic algorithm guessed a size that was a bit too small. Is anyone aware of a "master list" of known valid rom sizes? I can usually figure out if the game is totally glitchy or fails to start, but it would be nice to catch ahead of time. The two problem games I ran into so far are:

Mario Kart Super Circuit: Detected 2 MB, worked with 4 MB
Kirby and the Amazing Mirror: Detected 8 MB, worked with 16 MB

I guess we could also just maintain a Retrode-specific list of heuristic misses, but that may take a bit to collect.

Support / Problems with some Genesis save ram
« on: 15/Jan/2012 12:36:30 PM »
I've been having hit-or-miss results with the Genesis save ram support. I have four games with valid saveram that I wanted to copy:

Phantasy Star 2 = Works (yay!)
Sonic 3 & Knuckles = can't rip; see other thread
Light Crusader
Beyond Oasis

The latter two games still have valid saves on them (I plugged into the Genesis to confirm). However, when copying with the retrode into the directory where my emulator expects saveram, the emulator then runs the game as if it had no save. I cleaned and re-tried, only to end up with the exact same copy as the first attempt. Since the game itself copied flawlessly, I don't think it's a dirt issue.

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