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Support / How to dump a gameboy camera?
« on: 29/Mar/2016 08:03:47 AM »
Heya guys! I was looking to dump a gold gameboy camera and the SRAM for it just to keep a backup of the pictures, but no matter what I do it only dumps files that all read FF FF FF FF etc.
Any idea what it's doing this? Without forcing system detection to GBOY it doesn't even see the camera I just get genericrominsegaslot?

Hey guys! I just tried to use my Retrode with my new ASUS windows 8 laptop, and while it detects the Retrode I can't map any of the controllers I plug into it. I can see the Retrode lighting up when I press buttons on the SNES controllers, but Joy2Key, and X-Padder don't see them.
Also I'm on firmware version 18d which should be the newest version I believe?
What's going on? How do I fix this?

Hello guys! I am helping someone back up a game of theirs, but it has one odd problem. The save remaining on the cartridge is in a corrupted state, and while you can continue your items, inventory, and more are all super bugged out. The worst part though is you can't move more than 1 step! So basically it's unplayable. Probably from debugging settings and testing the game back in the day and then saving whatever they were doing which created this impossible save file. However the problem here is we can't delete the save file. Even when using the option in game itself it won't delete it. Even deleting it on the Retrode, it just comes right back once I refresh the Retrode. I should note the prototype has no save battery on the cartridge. The save is within the EEPROMS. How would I be able to delete the .SRM file from the actual cartridge?
Also dumped onto an emulator the game plays normally since there I can just seperate the save file from the game so it won't load with it! The game is perfectly playable when the current .SRM file isn't present!

Hey guys! I have a strange problem here. I was recently trying to dump a SNES game, and for some reason the file on the SNES game appears to be 2600Cartridge.a26, but the SNES game works fine in my SNES! Why won't it read the SNES game? Why is it showing an Atari 2600 file?
I also should mention I am dumping a prototype copy of Looney Tunes Hoop It Up.

Hey guys! I just dumped a few Sega Genesis & Megadrive prototypes for myself that I own using a Retrode, however one of them will not work in any emulator properly. The title screen shows the logo, then the screen flashes white and plays the music, and I can't play it. The game is Gunstar Heroes (but the dumped file is called "Lunatic Gunstar".)
The game works fine in my Sega Genesis, why isn't the dumped file working correctly?
Edit: SOLVED! I had to set "forcesize" to 32 in the Retrode configuration. Gunstar Heroes is a 2mb game, and the original dump I had was only coming out at 512k!

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