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Support / Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World Overdumped
« on: 10/Sep/2016 09:08:38 PM »
I just thought I would mention that the Retrode doesn't seem to detect the size of Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World correctly. No-intro says that this game should be 2.5 MiB, but the Retrode dumps it as a 4.0 MiB game. I used a hex editor to slice it to the size indicated by no-intro, and my checksums match on the truncated dump, so apparently it did dump correctly and just overdumped to almost double size.

In case it would be helpful, the ROM should end at 0x27FFFF, and the overdumped content at 0x280080 first appears at 0x200080 in the valid part of the dump. Judging by the changelog, I don't think SNES size detection has changed recently, but I'm still using 0.17g to hide from the driver controller errors I got on 0.18d, in case this bug has already been fixed.

Support / Retrode Driver Controller Error?
« on: 31/May/2015 01:46:08 AM »
Hi all,

I just updated my Retrode from 0.17g to 0.18d-beta using Flip, as I was having trouble dumping my Zero Wing (PAL) cart: the Retrode always detects it as 4Mbit, even though it's supposed to be an 8Mbit cart. Forcing the size detection didn't seem to work under 0.17g, but it did work under 0.18d-beta. Unfortunately, now the Retrode is generating USB driver errors in the Windows 7 event log every time I connect it.

I'm getting "Event ID 11, Source: Disk" errors that say:

"The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk3\DR5."

The DR# changes every time I connect the Retrode, and I get about 4 of these errors every time I plug in the Retrode, even though it seems to work fine. I tried uninstalling the driver and connecting the Retrode again, and while Windows still says that the driver was installed successfully, the error persists. Has anyone else come across such an error and know how to fix it? If not, I guess I'll start downgrading my firmware until I find the last version that doesn't generate the error anymore. Since I was previously on 0.17g, I guess I just need to try 0.18a and c before I roll back to my original firmware.


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