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General Discussion / Finally: New Plugins in stock
« on: 16/Dec/2016 01:39:56 PM »
It really took a while, but I've just finished a new production batch of the Retrode plugins!

You can grab them here:

The N64 plugin doesn't have controller ports included (I couldn't get the ports in quantities lower than 10,000), but the PCB is the same, so you can add them yourself if you need them.

Also, I've added transparent editions (the transparent N64 one will follow next week) and you can save some money buying all three together :)

General Discussion / Raspberry Pi Slowness Issue solved
« on: 06/Sep/2015 11:07:17 PM »
So, while working on the RetroPi-Setup, I finally found the reason for the slowness (50kb/s) when transferring games.

It's actually a common Raspberry Pi issue: When connecting a USB 1.1 device to the 2.0 hub of the Pi, there are packet drops... which result in the slow speed.

Forcing the Raspberry Pi to run in 1.1 mode fixes the slowness issue!
Of course, 2.0 devices will also run slower then (so USB Sticks, harddisks, etc.), but the Retrode runs full speed then.

To do that, add the following kernel parameter to the boot-script:


(Add that into /boot/cmdline.txt)

That's it :)

General Discussion / RetroPi / more plugins
« on: 13/Jun/2015 11:42:00 AM »

first, let me introduce myself here on the boards.
I'm EvilDragon, the one running the DragonBox Shop and also the one now handling the production run for the Retrode2 and the Plugins (thanks to Matthias :))

I'm currently planning some new addition, which might be of interest for you.
I'm planning to fund it via Kickstarter, so please support me if you like :)

A lot of people like the Raspberry Pi2, as it is perfect for running emulators and also has some nice frontends.
However, what the Pi2 is missing is a cartridge slot and controller slots.

That's why I want to create the RetroPi - a simple case where you can put the Retrode2 and the RaspberryPi2 PCB in to turn both into a perfect retro-gaming console.

Here are some quick CAD-Pictures (not yet finished):

This is what it will look like from the front (though we need to change the height, so that the N64 plugin will fit including the controller ports).

In the back right you can put in the Pi2.

This is how it will look like from the back. As you can see, both the USB Port of the Retrode and all ports of the Raspberry Pi are accessible, but all cabling is nicely hidden thanks to the roof.

So you can still use the Retrode with your PC, and when you want to use it with the Pi2, you can use a short USB Cable which is completely hidden.

You still got Network, USB, etc. on the Pi2.

As the Pi2 has both HDMI as well as analogue TV out, you can play on modern LCD and classic CRTs.

Additionally, as stretch goals, I'd like to offer more plugins.
AFAIK, there are schematics for PC-Engine, NES and VCS2600 available.
How well does NES work? I know it has literally hundreds of mappers - do they all work?

Well, I hope you like the idea and I'm happy if you post some more ideas, etc. here.
And - of course - support the Kickstarter when it goes life (probably in about 2 - 3 weeks).

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