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Support / SNES controller support, Linux
« on: 13/Aug/2017 01:31:06 AM »
I'm a brand new user (received my Retrode 2 in the mail this morning... thank you DragonBox!) but I'm running into some issues with controller support.

I'm testing with one SNES controller on two different PCs, one Windows 7 and one Linux Xubuntu (XFCE desktop).
I also have an SNES-to-USB adapter cable from Tomee.    I'll include my testing with this adapter as a comparison with the Retrode.

Before posting this, I did a search of the forum.   The latest relevant post that I could find was this one from 2015:,296.msg2027/topicseen.html#msg2027

The last post in the thread references issues with Linux support of controller.   It states:

HID Mode 1:
"4 USB game controllers plus mouse"

The devices are NOT reporting themselves as joysticks / joypads.
Therefore, only the mouse is found - and the rest appears
as /dev/input/eventx in Linux. They should appear as /dev/input/jsx,
but apparently Linux does not recognize them as joystick.

This matches my experience in Linux.
When I attach my controller using the Retrode and open jstest-gtk, I don't see any available joysticks listed.
When I open up, it doesn't find any gamepads either.
The only feedback that I get from the controller is moving the cursor when I press on the D-pad.
Left stick = x position 0%, y position 50%,  Right = 100%, 50%, Up = 50%,0%, Down = 50%,100%

If I compare this to my experience with the SNES-to-USB adapter cable, I see an "SNES PC Game Pad" device available in  jstest-gtk.    At the HTML5 Gamepad page, the controller is recognized and all the axes and buttons are recognized correctly.

I'm interested in support under Linux.   However, since I have a Windows machine that I tested on, I'll describe my testing.

When the Retrode is attached to the Windows 7 machine, it recognizes 4 controllers in both the Windows' Game Controllers dialog box and in the HTML5 Gamepad page.   At the Gamepad page, button presses are recognized but axis movements are not recognized.   The Windows cursor is not affected (not surprisingly).

By contrast, the controller's behavior with the SNES-to-USB adapter cable matches its behavior under Linux.

Does anyone know anything about these issues with Linux support?
Has there been any development since the 2015 post?

Any help is appreciated!    Thanks!

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