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Support / Cannot grab sram from Game Boy Camera
« on: 04/Nov/2017 09:34:53 PM »

I've been trying to grab the sram from my GB Camera but without success. On firmware versions .18d-beta3 and newer, the sram file is not detected by the Retrode 2 at all; on older firmware versions, the sram is shown but at an incorrect size of 1024 kB (it should be 128 kB, right?). I tried the Game Boy Camera Dump program with this 1024 kB sram file anyway, but it only showed the game face from the cart, and all 30 pictures were garbled. The save and photos on the cart are still intact.

In the retrode.cfg I've tried setting the force detection as below, but it hasn't helped with the sram file:

[forceSystem] gboy
[forceSize] 128
[forceMapper] 0

I've read through these topics but haven't had much luck either:,295.msg1952.html#msg1952,324.msg2188.html#msg2188,335.msg2334.html#msg2334

I'm loving the new N64 save support, by the way.

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