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Support / [SOLVED] Trouble dumping Star Fox 64
« on: 19/Jan/2019 07:48:02 PM »
I'm using the Retrode 2 with the N64 plugin and have been unable to get a good dump of my Star Fox 64 cart.  Whenever I try, the ROM file weighs 12 MB, is always named "Stararararararararar.N.z64", and yields an MD5 checksum of 78a8d7b5a19953345426166fa3c9c53a.  I've tested the ROM with the Mupen64Plus core on RetroArch and it just crashes RetroArch with a segmentation fault.  I have been able to get a good dump of all of my other N64, SNES, Genesis, and Game Boy Color carts that I've tried (validated against No-Intro's checksums).

Is Star Fox 64 not compatible with the Retrode 2?

Curiously, one other thing I've noticed is that my RETRODE.CFG file reports a firmware version of .25a-beta.  According to, the latest version of the firmware is 0.19-beta.  Where is this from-the-future version number coming from, and could it be related to my Star Fox 64 issue?

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