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Support / Insufficient Space to Copy Back GB Save
« on: 05/Jun/2016 02:39:12 AM »
I've had this error for a while now (not just with version 19). When I try to copy back a Game Boy save (tried Pokemon Gold today), it says there's not enough space and I need to free up 32kb of room (the size of the save in this case). I've unchecked the read-only and archive options on the save file and it still does it. I tried editing the save with a hex editor and the change didn't stay. Any ideas?

Support / BS-X Dumping?
« on: 11/May/2016 09:52:18 PM »
Would it be possible to add BS-X dumping (but definitely not writing!) to the Retrode with this information?

EDIT: Maybe move this to general discussion?

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