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Support / Re: Connecting official N64 controllers to Retrode 2
« on: 30/Jan/2019 01:23:26 AM »
I'm sure I've never given Microsoft a phone number and I'm still using hotmail.
Well, I have installed the Hotmail app on my phone though I don't know if that gives them access to my number. Still, that was only several months ago. After years of continuing to tell them and everyone else "maybe later". :P

General Discussion / Re: Compatible Game Listing for GBX/N64/SMS
« on: 27/Jan/2019 05:42:08 PM »
Yes it is possible and pretty much required for the majority of the GBA library. (for me, Retrode seemed to be detecting everything as 8MB.
You need to plug in the Retrode, then go to its directory and edit the settings file in a text editor.
You might need to change [ForceSystem] from auto to gba, but then you have to put ForceSize as 32.

(also, while it's an old thread, I think the PAL version of Paper Mario was larger than the NTSC versions due to the PAL version having multiple languages? I have heard the NTSC versions reported at 40 MB.)

Support / Re: RAM files (.srm) not working. ROM files (.sfc) ok
« on: 30/Dec/2017 06:01:59 PM »
Is GBA support still limited to ROM only?
I understand headers lack enough information for Retrode to reliably detect needed cart information (including save information. Some emulators would scan the ROM for certain text strings to determine save type, but at least one game developer used that to fool such emulators as an anti-piracy measure).

In reading them I had to force the size to the maximum 32MB.
(well, 32 was the maximum for actual games. I know there was a 64MB cart with a mapper made but it was only used by a couple of those GBA Video carts so there is very low interest in it.)

Support / Re: Game Gear Roms Not Detecting Correct Size
« on: 23/Dec/2017 07:57:03 AM »
The problem was fixed long ago, but from what I recall reading on SMS Power, games above 256KB (at least for SMS, but perhaps the practice carried over to GG dev since it was a similar console) didn't state a larger size as the BIOS would take longer to verify the cart. I'm guessing the point in the BIOS checking the cart was to check if it was inserted and working and checking only 256KB was perhaps considered enough to get the point.

Zero Wing (JP): $D07D (big-endian) (internal header)
CRC32: 7E203D2B
MD5: 9647D8EC9183F3EC9F944D5EA49A99A9
SHA-1: FAD499E21AC55A3B8513110DC1F6E3F6CDECA8DD

It seems to default to detecting it as a 2600 game. :P

  • If a single game fills the whole cartridge (4 MiB / 32 Megabits), this greatly increases the chance that Retrode can read it.
FE5 is a 32 megabit game.

After finding my Nintendo Power cart of the same game and trying to dump it... fail. :(

From what I've seen of non-power-of-2 sized ROMs, the last half of the ROM has been filled with repeats of the remainder above the last full power of 2.
(for example, a 20-megabit ROM like SMAS would contain the first 16 megabits, and then the last 4 megabits would be repeated to pad it up to 32 megabits.)

Not sure if that's a pattern that can be easily detected.

So, there is an option for per-game fixes based on game name?
I wonder if that can be done for a different game I have noted an error on: Zero Wing for Mega Drive. (the size in the header is wrong, seems to be in both J and E versions. Says 4 megabit and it should be 8. I see it's not in the FAQ on the main site.)

Support / Re: My hashes don't match No-Intro. Is that normal?
« on: 24/Aug/2016 03:03:00 AM »
There is also the issue of byte-order with N64 ROMs.
From what I understand, people have been arguing for a long time over what the correct byte order is in N64 ROMs.

(like if you open an N64 ROM in a hex editor, there should be at least a game title in ASCII. IIRC, No-Intro uses the byte-order that creates a jumbled title (like instead of SUPER MARIO 64, USEP RAMIR O46, or whatever)

I haven't looked it up, does Retrode support Phantasy Star IV correctly in the first place?

As I have read, PS4 uses a mapper where the first 2MB of ROM is always mapped in, and then the last 2MB of Genesis cartridge space can map in either of the last 1MB ROM or the SRAM. (and I heard that at one point the game does a copy-protection check by mapping in ROM and attempting to write to it)

It doesn't sound like Retrode is able to detect GBA ROM sizes very well. Have you confirmed it is dumping the right size?
I know with Genesis and SNES you can edit the config file to force the right size (manually entering the ROM size, if you know it). Can you do it with GBA as well?

Support / Re: SNES ROM images and SMC header
« on: 27/Dec/2015 07:18:33 AM »
Indeed. To get that working you'd have to:
1. dump ROM.
2. add header to COPY of dumped ROM.
3. patch the COPY.
4. delete the header of the COPY.
5. Use LunarIPS or whatever to make a new patch between the patched ROM and the original. Then use that patch to play your game.

Support / Re: Save files dumped with Retrode 2 doesn't work
« on: 27/Dec/2015 07:13:47 AM »
Test game sounds like Final Fantasy Adventure (/Seiken Densetsu/Mystic Quest).

I think MBC2 also has a write-lock function?
I know in emulators, saving in Aretha I (Japanese-only RPG) seems to only work in BGB, and only if RAM lock emulation is enabled in the accuracy settings. Otherwise when trying to load a savefile causes terrible game-breaking corruption (I think in some emus, even saving the game causes the corruption to happen instantly).

Support / Retrodode functions as Joy2Key on Win8
« on: 11/Oct/2014 04:19:16 PM »
Right now it's only a semantic problem, but I noticed on emulators like bsnes and SNES9x, on Win7 it would detect the buttons on my SNES controller as controller buttons (ie. Select is "(J0) Button 7" or something).
But on my Windows 8 PC, it effectively functions as a Joy2Key (ie. pushing Select maps as Spacebar).
The buttons seem to still function correctly but I just wonder if I could at some point hit a problem using a real keyboard has, like you can't press many keys at once, or unwanted activation of Windows Disability functions (like Sticky Keys).
The other difference is that I notice is this PC has the "SS USB" ports. Don't know if that matters.

Street Fighter II or Super Street Fighter II?
I'm not sure if SSFII is supported by Retrode but I believe it must use a different mapper as the game is 40 megabit (as the EU box is so proud to tell us :D ) while the standard Genesis mapper supports up to 32.

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