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General Discussion / Re: Adaptors
« on: 26/May/2015 09:03:08 PM »

I'd definitely like to second the question about more adapters being made...  I really want that GB one.  And in case it matters I'll buy an NES adapter the instant it comes out, if one is in the works.

Looks like there's SMS adapters available on dragonbox at the moment.  Not sure if that's new or they just never ran out.

EDIT:  Oh okay, just looked into that twitter post and I see they say more GB adapters will indeed be coming.  Yay!

There's more happening right now than you think :) Keep an eye on DragonBox...
I'm glad I checked back on the forum, I was under the impression everything had basically ground to a halt.

Is there actually a mailing list?  I would absolutely love some way to be notified of any new developments.  I don't want to risk missing another thing.

Oh yeah, and I should also say it's great to see this NES development!  Thank you very much for the work you've done Wannado!

General Discussion / Re: Adaptors
« on: 11/Oct/2014 08:46:36 PM »
Sigh... still looking for that gbx adapter meanwhile!

Who isn't?  :-\
I sure am.

Has anything been made available regarding trying to build a gbx adapter on your own?  I understand if they're sold out and you're not making more, but if I can just get the full board diagram and such for it I will do whatever it takes to build my own.  I HAVE the parts I'd need...

Most Game Boy games are 32kb in size.
What game are you testing?
Is it a clean cartridge?
Tested Super Mario Land and Pokemon Red, both recently extensively cleaned and I tested them both multiple times.

I'm not ruling out a bad connection somewhere, specifically the transfer pak seems to make really lousy contact, but I tried it repeatedly after taking it all apart and so on...
agbd works fine. The 64drive is the only flash cart it will work on.
Err, "agbd"?  I don't know what you mean here

Well, I tried it just now following the instructions as though I was downloading a memory pak.  I get a 32kb file of all 0s every time.  So, it's not currently functioning...

I am extremely interested in this.  If there is any way I can help make it happen let me know.

General Discussion / Re: Well... Now what?
« on: 10/Jul/2014 12:35:25 AM »
Thanks for the reply, I appreciate the answer to that. 

That still leaves me with the same initial problem though - are the schematic files for the formerly-sold plugins available?

(Edit:  You know, I bet 3D printing could get around that fabrication issue someday soon.  Here's hoping.)

The original file was Read-Only.

I feel like the dumbest person ever.  Thanks for the firmware, it works perfectly

Solved my own problem, kinda...

I made it work.  By comparing my file and one generated by pj64, I found out that $0300 in both files is a table of the 16 "notes" on the pak.  I tried writing zeros to one of the $20 lines and it miraculously worked, but then I discovered something weird. It miraculously works anyways if I simply open the file with hex editor FrHed and then immediately save it unchanged. I took the before and after .mpk files and did a binary comparison (windows command line fc /b) and it tells me they're identical.

How can this POSSIBLY be? How can two identical files produce different results?  Probably a question for the guy who made Project64 rather than you, but my mind is kinda blown.

Anyways.  The data is all there and confirmed working, so that's good!

EDIT:  Also of note is that, when I try to just open the original .mpk file and "Save" it straight back it gives me a "Could not save the file" error, whereas if I "Save As" as new file and open THAT it works fine.

What's wrong with my fiiile?

General Discussion / Re: Well... Now what?
« on: 07/Jul/2014 12:10:25 AM »
I'm fine with pains.  For an individual though, I'm assuming for a gameboy plugin like I wanted it'd be just the cartridge connector ripped out of a gameboy?  That doesn't sound too hard, there's always like a dozen on ebay not working for like $20.  For other systems not so easy I'm sure but it can't be that hard to secure just one for my own personal work.  The only part I'm certain I can't do myself is the boards.

How hard would it be to fabricate a new connector?  We know the exact specifications, all someone would have to do is reproduce it well enough to be functional.  Forgive my my being naive but how hard can it be?  There must be a way to just make new ones.  Orrrr is that a legal problem?

One way or the other, I am determined to have my own set of some of these plugin connectors.  I'm not stopping when I'm this close...

So I just tried following your instructions to extract some Quest 64 saves off my memory pak and as far as I can tell it worked.  I extracted the rom and the memory pak both twice, I can run the rom in project64 and I did a file compare on the two memory pak files and there were no differences.

Problem is I can't seem to make Project64 read the memory pak file.  I've observed that when I run the rom it creates a "Quest 64.mpk" file in the Save subdirectory, so I assumed that I could just delete that and slip my memory pak file in its place.  When I try to load my game though, it says there's no Quest 64 data on the memory pak.

Here's my memory pak file:

It's entirely possible I just don't know how to use project64 but does anyone have any ideas?

General Discussion / Re: Well... Now what?
« on: 25/Jun/2014 01:39:52 AM »
Hi.  I just recently got a Retrode 2 and what must be close to the last N64/SMS plugins.  I wanted the gameboy one badly, very badly, but it was already gone by the time I heard about this thing.

I am absolutely perfectly fine with wasting lots of time putting one together myself.  I can scavenge parts no problem, I can follow instructions and solder.  Hell, if I get up the ambition I might just try building my own adapter for Intellivision games - that would be awesome!  But I also have absolutely no clue how to get a board printed or anything like that.  Can you offer some advice maybe on the most practical way to go about it?

It is an absolute shame that business could not continue.  This device is the best thing since these consoles were built in the first place, I've wanted to own it since a decade before you made it and I know I can't be the only one that just hadn't heard about it till now.

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