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Please post photos to illustrate what exactly you did.

Would a Retrobit NES to SNES Cart adapter work on the Retrode2?
Definitely not.

General Discussion / Re: PC Engine/Turbografx plug in?
« on: 20/Sep/2017 04:35:22 PM »
Those designs for the A2600 plugin were outdated at the time of your post; I just replaced them with a more recent version.

So does it work as it should, besides the naming issue?

General Discussion / Re: SNES Enhanced Cart Support (BETA)
« on: 11/Jul/2017 07:50:31 AM »
Looks really nice and tidy, congratulations! Kind of makes my visit obsolete, but if you want we can still hang out and I can bring you some Retrode goodies :)

Regarding the design: You may consider moving all SMD parts to the same side, since it will greatly reduce the cost of industrial manufacturing. Also, of course the edge-mounted female connector does not go well with the most common industrial soldering processes (wave, reflow). I used through-hole, 90° components for the "official" plug-in adapters, at the expense of a clumsier overall outcome...

General Discussion / Re: SNES Enhanced Cart Support (BETA)
« on: 26/Jun/2017 10:22:20 AM »
The other two chips are VCXOs that supply the CIC CLK and Master CLK.  The clock chips are 3.072MHz for the CIC and 21.47727MHz for the Master CLK.  Since the 21.47727MHz is not readily available, I've substituted the common 20MHz version without a problem. 
Have you considered using non-voltage-controlled XO's? You should be able to find hundreds of thousands of different types on Digi-Key. It appears the system is quite tolerant with respect to these clocks, so if there is no need for precise tuning you might as well grab anything within 1-5% (or so) of the target frequency.

Last time I inquired they said that those weren't available (though they might change their mind when an order of 10kpcs comes in)

No problem. The Retrode doesn't dissipate a lot of power when idle. I'd recommend to take the cartridges out though, just to be on the safe side.

Support / Re: My hashes don't match No-Intro. Is that normal?
« on: 31/Jul/2016 04:28:02 AM »
Also keep in mind the distinct possibility of N64 ROMs being overdumped (file size > actual size of ROM). This will of course alter the hash although it is not a problem in practice.

Support / Re: Super 3d Noah's Ark
« on: 20/Jul/2016 09:58:59 PM »
Pass through cartridges will not work in the Retrode as the system only reads the first device.

This one might, actually. I think I remember that Noah's Ark is a non-licensed title, and as such it has to use an original cart's CIC (authentication chip) and its own ROM. If so, that combination would be unproblematic.

You'll still have to figure out the mechanics of inserting the cart though. The Retrode's bare board is four screws away.

Plausible explanation, except that the Retrode doesn't "create new saves" - if anything, the OS does. For various reasons, the Retrode's entire file system is made up on the fly, and a change in the file date doesn't have anything to do with the question whether it's an old or new file.

Support / Re: Insufficient Space to Copy Back GB Save
« on: 06/Jun/2016 08:50:40 AM »
Which hex editor? Did you make sure to save the file in place (disable backup option where editor renames old file and creates a new one?)


General Discussion / Re: Sega Game Gear Plug-in?
« on: 16/May/2016 09:22:02 PM »
The SMS plug-in circuit board already has the pins needed to add a Game Gear slot; if you manage to salvage one, you can add it to the board in no time.

General Discussion / New firmware beta: v0.19 beta
« on: 11/May/2016 06:53:37 PM »
Dear all,

Wannado has done it again: A new firmware beta is out (0.19 beta) and ready for you to test. Please find it (and updating instructions) in the usual place.

If you've had issues using the Retrode under Android, accessing GB savegames, or even losing GB save data, then you should definitely give this update a try.

And now let's all thank Wannado who's been doing a tremendous job maintaining the firmware since my semi-departure.


Support / Re: Mega Man X2 Comatability Fix Possible?
« on: 25/Apr/2016 02:44:51 PM »
That sounds like an end of official firmware support to me. Would I be correct?
There never was official support for Mega Man X2. No "end" of anything, but a potential beginning of many things.

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