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General Discussion / Re: Retrode 2 Power issue
« on: 23/May/2018 03:35:53 PM »
Well if anyone else has the same issue the solution was that the power cable they sent me was bad

General Discussion / Retrode 2 Power issue
« on: 23/May/2018 01:12:53 PM »
Hello all I just recently ordered a retrode 2 and received it today. Upon plugging it into an Dell Optiplex 7020 running Windows 10 I get an an error that says "Power surge on USB port Unknown device needs more power than the port can supply"

After that I can do nothing. I've tried 2 different carts and its the same thing also other devices plugged into the same USB hub lose power when inserting the device. Any assistance with this would be much appreciated. The power switch on the device is set to 5V as recommended and I'm testing using SNES games. My first thought was a USB Y cable with one end connected to a dedicated power supply but I don't have one of those lying around.

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