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Support / Can't eject Retrode from PC (Windows 7)
« on: 16/May/2019 01:26:07 AM »
Whenever I finish using my Retrode I try to eject it (just like any other USB device) using either the USB icon by the Windows clock or by right-clicking the mapped unit and selecting "Eject", however, it fails anyway. "Error ejecting RETRODE (E)" is shown.

Is that normal? I'm making sure the led is not blinking when I pull the cable but it feels unsafe doing that nonetheless, I'm afraid I could corrupt something.

I've started to research methods of backing up and restoring saves from all my retro systems when I discovered the Retrode, that would allow me to do that on many systems with a single piece of hardware, great tool. I just ordered the kit with all plug-ins from Dragonbox so I'm reading as much as I can about it before I start using it so I don't do anything wrong.

I've read about the voltage switch, that must be set to 3.3V when using N64/GBA carts and 5V otherwise. Is that correct? Is there any other systems that needs to be set to 3.3V? Even though GBA must be set to 3.3V should I use 5V for classic GB / Game Boy Color carts?

Other than changing the voltage switch is there anything else that should be changed when backing up/restoring saves from different systems? I plan on upgrading to 0.25a as soon as I get so I can start backing up not only SNES/Genesis saves from cartridges but also N64, Master System and classic Gameboy saves from their carts.

And finally, any other advice for a complete newbie? I really don't want to risk corrupt/delete saves from my cartridges when trying to backup them due to any kind of mistake.

By the way, let me take this opportunity to make a (probably) really dumb question: I see there is a "Retrode" and a "Retrode 2". What's the difference? I haven't seen any unboxing with "Retrode 2" written on the box, they're all like the following picture. Is that "Retrode 2" even though the box doesn't show it?

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