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All firmware files should be up to date now. Added Wannado's beta3.

To the firmware page...

Support / Re: Save files dumped with Retrode 2 doesn't work
« on: 16/Nov/2015 10:23:41 AM »
Have you looked at the srm-files using some other tool like a hex editor (like HxD)? If there really is no data in there, then we'd have to look for the problem on the Retrode's side; otherwise, it's more likely to be an emulator configuration issue.

If the pinout is equivalent (you're writing, "pretty much the same" - how much the same exactly?), the Retrode should support this adapter without problems. Is your firmware up to date?

General Discussion / Re: Raspberry Pi Slowness Issue solved
« on: 08/Sep/2015 07:16:45 AM »
Good job tracking that nasty issue down! Thanks, that should help a lot of people.

Support / Re: How can I update Retrode firmware? (FLIP is dead)
« on: 06/Aug/2015 09:23:29 AM »
Thanks for the comment. Added links to local copies on firmware page.

Support / Re: SNES ROM images and SMC header
« on: 06/Aug/2015 09:11:10 AM »
Depends. Do these patching tools rely on header info, or does the problem only have to do with offset addresses? If the latter, I guess it would not be too hard to give the Retrode an SMC mode that adds 512 bytes of nothing at the head of the dump.

This only concerns technical doability of your particular problem though - everybody agrees that dumper headers are evil and should be eliminated at all cost. Therefore, If anything, I would recommend to patch the fan translations to work on headerless ROMs, essentially making those translations future-proof.

Support / Re: Windows not recognizing Retrode 2 in Update Mode
« on: 06/Aug/2015 09:06:21 AM »
Just so we're 100% sure about the button routine - HWB and RESET down, RESET up while holding HWB down, then release HWB.

I haven't had any issues with Atmel's DFU mode under Win8.1. Since updating the Retrode should only be required rarely anyway, have you tried using a different computer, maybe with a different OS?

General Discussion / Re: RetroPi / more plugins
« on: 04/Jul/2015 04:32:16 AM »
Thanks a lot Wannado for your information.
It sounds you are working on the firmware - did you do it from scratch?
I can imagine the firmware needs some fixes to work with the Pi. Maybe something isn't 100% conform?
I'll try playing around with the USB drivers parameters on the Raspberry Pi to see if that changes something.
According to dmesg, the Retrode is being found as Highspeed device, but AFAIK it should be USB 1.1, maybe that has something to do with the speed cap?
Retrode's USB controller is 2.0 Full-Speed, not 1.1.
Maybe Matthias could also give me the sourcecode of the standard firmware (or release it to the public), so we can work on fixes.
Sure, why not. Though I figure a first place to look would be USB communication. Install a sniffer and see how Raspi differs from, say, Windows protocol.

Support / Re: Retrode Driver Controller Error?
« on: 18/Jun/2015 06:43:25 AM »
Strange; never heard about this kind of issue before. Have you tried making Windows forget the Retrode by deleting the respective entries from the registry?

Support / Re: Access to firmware source, How?
« on: 17/Jun/2015 04:43:14 AM »
WinAVR + Makefile (AVRStudio + VS project files exist)

General Discussion / Re: RetroPi / more plugins
« on: 15/Jun/2015 01:58:34 PM »
So has anyone ever managed to set up a practical Retrode+Pi combo that performs reasonably well? From what I've seen, the software side will require lots more work. My solution was really, really rudimentary, and then there is still this unresolved problem of abysmal data rates that some users report.

Support / Re: Access to firmware source, How?
« on: 12/Jun/2015 10:34:18 AM »
I'm not considering making it public.

Support / Re: Access to firmware source, How?
« on: 11/Jun/2015 07:17:45 AM »
There is more going on at the moment than is visible from outside. Wannado is in the process of merging some of his improvements into the trunk, at which point the entire source should also be a bit more transparent and easier to modify.

That said, if you'd like repo access now, please contact me via e-mail (which, by the way, is not a secret) and let me know about your credentials, including your real name and address.

I once managed to extract a camera image from the save file - there are tools for reading those. Running the ROM in an emulator is likely not going to work due to missing special hardware.

Support / Re: F-Zero Breaking Firmware
« on: 21/Apr/2015 03:20:25 PM »
Just to avoid confusion: You're talking about the Retrode case now, right? (Not that that would make the matter any less confusing)

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