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Support / Re: About to Buy A Retrode 2. A Few Questions.
« on: 12/Jul/2018 05:10:14 PM »
I have another question. Apparently the reason the GBX can't dump multi game gba carts is that it dumps only the game selector. In the thread I read, forcing the Retrode to detect the cart size via editing the [forcesize] option in the config file should produce a good dump. However, it would appear that it only supports integer values. So if I wanted to dump Super Mario Advance 4, which is apparently 2.43 mb according to No-Intro, would I just put 3 as the value in [forcesize]?

General Discussion / What is Going on With the Kazzo NES Dumper?
« on: 12/Jul/2018 05:20:37 AM »
I was interested to purchase it because the Retrode 2 doesn't have any plugins that support NES / Famicom and the Kazzo does exactly that, with them even mentioning designing a brand new model, but I'm worried because...

We're doing everything we can to finalize the hardware and start production this month (Jan 2018) to support release by Feb 2018.

It's been five months since then and the Kazzo is still not in stock. When I sent in a support ticket bringing this up, asking them if they had cancelled their plans, they did not respond.

Can anyone with more experience with Infinite NES Lives tell me if this has happened before or if production is still going on? I'm just nervous, because there doesn't seem to be any other NES dumpers around and there are a lot of NES games I would like to dump.

Yes, I realize this is a forum for the Retrode and not the Kazzo, but the Kazzo doesn't have its own forums to ask on.

Support / About to Buy A Retrode 2. A Few Questions.
« on: 12/Jul/2018 04:13:20 AM »
1. I understand that the device was apparently updated to now support several enhancement chips such as the SA-1 and Cx4. If I buy a Retrode 2 from the Dragon Box site at this point in time, am I guaranteed to get this "updated" version?

2. I hear that the GBx plugin apparently cannot dump "multi-game" carts and the Sonic Advance series according to one of the reviews on Dragon Box. Can any other GBx plugin owners confirm this? Also, it can dump save files as well right? I need my save file from Legend of Zelda - Link to the Past because it has Four Swords enabled bonus content in the main game.

3. The plugins are still planned on being put back in stock on Dragon Box, correct?

EDIT: Can the Super Gameboy be properly dumped? I want to try out Donkey Kong and Mega Man V with the Super Gameboy enhancements.

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