Author Topic: Could Analogue's SMS adapter for the Mega Sg be used with the Retrode?  (Read 913 times)

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Hey all, it's been almost a decade since I last posted here. Hope everyone's safe and healthy!

I just started looking into SMS games after collecting enough Genesis over the years to be satisfied with what I have.

Bought a Mega SG last year and this nice little adapter can be used to play SMS games.

Ever since I have this I've been wondering if I could pop open the Retrode's case (because it won't fit otherwise) and simply put this on to dump SMS games.

Anyone tried? I'd like to know before attempting anything that could potentially damage the Retrode or the cart itself.
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Probably not. The wiring of the Retrode plug-in is not modelled after, or compatible to, any other comparable products.

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