Author Topic: Just a few questions conserning the Retrode II & other useful ideas. :D  (Read 3338 times)

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I'm really big on using the original carts for the Megadrive, as like a lot of you guys i grew up with them. Anywho, what i meant to ask is, does anyone know of an up to date Retrode II compatibility thread i could read so that I know what games will work when my Retrode II arrives?

Also will the Everdrive work with the Retrode II?

For those who have a SEGA wireless receiver (Model Number: MK-1648-50) Controller (Model Number:1629-50)

Those work really well with Kega Fusion (least they do with the Windows version) HID-USB controller devices are a bit more troublesome with OSX unfortunately. (but once configured works like a charm) - had to buy a MegaDrive>USB connector for it.

The useful idea part. XD
Also, the one thing i noticed about the Retrode II is that its ports are not close together like they are on the Megadrive, so the Receiver cannot connect to the Retrode II -

So i bought an Amiega Extension Cable which works great on the actual Megadrive hardware considering they are the same 9-PIN ports. My main concern is that the power draw might not be enough to power Retrode II & Receiver via one USB port. Who knows it might work. I am really hoping it does.  ;D

One thing I've found is that if you hex edit battery saved games - or games which have events in them such as Phantasy Star 3/4 you can hex edit the events/items (same goes for say Shining Force) You edit the save state (GSO) file, save it, so it gets saved into Memory, copy the SRM file back into the cart & volia! Your hacked saves will work on real hardware without the need for a Game Genie device :D       

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1. There is a community spreadsheet, which needs more people to update it.

2. If you mean will ROMs pulled off of carts work with an EverDrive, yes, they will. The Retrode was designed to copy ROMs properly and the EverDrive line is designed to use proper ROMs, as they both should be.