Author Topic: included USB cable doesn't support Retrode 2?  (Read 2185 times)

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included USB cable doesn't support Retrode 2?
« on: 15/May/2013 02:40:01 AM »
I am wondering if this is common, but it seems like the mini USB cable that was included with my Retrode 2 doesn't actually work with my Retrode 2. The issue comes with the length of the port and how far recessed the mini USB port is inside the case. Between the few extra millimeters lost to how recessed the bord is, coupled with a millimeter or two in case thickness, and there is just no way to make sure the Retrode 2 makes good electrical connection with the conector without removing it from the case.
Should I dremal the case so I can plug it in all the way or is this an RMA issue?

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Re: included USB cable doesn't support Retrode 2?
« Reply #1 on: 15/May/2013 04:59:32 AM »
That's a known issue on some of the Retrodes made in 2012; a design mistake causing the USB connector to sit too far back. Your easiest fix (and our recommended solution) will probably be this one: just take a sharp knife and trim a thin slice from the connector's rubber cladding. Actually, the cable supplied with the device should already come with this modification, but maybe the manufacturer didn't trim it quite enough and you may need to take it a millimeter further.

>>> Here's my blog post from July 2012 with a picture.

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