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SNES Overdump
« on: 17/Jan/2014 07:45:12 AM »
Hello everyone,

I wanted to report some over dumping that happened with a few snes games. I also have a n64 adapter and I didn't notice any over dumping with those type of games. I was unable to test out genesis or other games. Most over dumped games came out to be around 4 or 2 megabytes. Here are the list of games that were over dumped:

Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World
Death Brade (this game is a bootleg/fake that was obtained from another country; however it did contain a playable rom. Do not know if rom is new revision or corrupted. Verification of an authentic copy of this game would be appreciated.)
Final Fantasy III/VI
Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City
Mortal Kombat II

All these games had similar over dump issues. I compared these games to a valid rom from the internet and the only difference was extra bytes at the end. These extra bytes started where the valid rom ended and continued until one of the two above sizes was met: 2 or 4 MB.

I wanted to report this over dump issue so Mathias or anyone else working on the firmware could be made aware of this issue. I also wanted to document the games that had the over dump issue so anyone else with these games can be made aware. Also it would help if others with these games encountered the same issue so I can know it is not just my retrode. The retrode that I have has been updated to the latest firmware: 0.18d beta I believe. Hope this information is helpful.