Author Topic: Can't delete .SRM file on a prototype sega genesis game.  (Read 3984 times)

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Hello guys! I am helping someone back up a game of theirs, but it has one odd problem. The save remaining on the cartridge is in a corrupted state, and while you can continue your items, inventory, and more are all super bugged out. The worst part though is you can't move more than 1 step! So basically it's unplayable. Probably from debugging settings and testing the game back in the day and then saving whatever they were doing which created this impossible save file. However the problem here is we can't delete the save file. Even when using the option in game itself it won't delete it. Even deleting it on the Retrode, it just comes right back once I refresh the Retrode. I should note the prototype has no save battery on the cartridge. The save is within the EEPROMS. How would I be able to delete the .SRM file from the actual cartridge?
Also dumped onto an emulator the game plays normally since there I can just seperate the save file from the game so it won't load with it! The game is perfectly playable when the current .SRM file isn't present!

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Re: Can't delete .SRM file on a prototype sega genesis game.
« Reply #1 on: 20/Jun/2014 04:42:08 AM »
1. Set [sramReadOnly] to 0 in the config
2. Try again from the emulator. Deleting the file from the Retrode file system won't help.
3. If nothing else works, download a hex editor (HxD) and set all values in the SRM file to 0.

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