Author Topic: Can you [forceSystem] to read a Game Gear cartridges?  (Read 4434 times)

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Can you [forceSystem] to read a Game Gear cartridges?
« on: 29/Jul/2014 01:55:13 PM »

[forceSystem] auto

System    [forceSystem]    [forceSize]    [forceMapper]
V Auto-detect   auto         n/a                  n/a
SNES/SFC         snes        1-32 (=Mbit)     0 (=LoROM) 1 (=HiROM)
V Genesis/MD   mdrv        1-32 (=Mbit)     0 (none)
V N64                n64         1-64 (=Mbyte)  0 (none)
V GBA                gba         1-32 (=Mbyte)  0 (none)
V GB/GBC         gboy        1-128 (=16kByte banks)   (none, they basically all work the same)

These are the only settings shown in order to override the Retrode’s auto-detection routine. It's handy whenever the Retrode doesn’t detect the type of cartridge, ROM size, memory mapper right. However, there isn't setting for Game Gear cartridges. Now that RETRODE.CFG file can detect GG games, there should be a setting to force it to read it as a GG cartridge, force it a certain ROM size, etc. By chance, are there any other available settings that's not listed above we could use in order to force it to read it as a certain video game system cartridge?

Basically I have some prototype Game Gear games I want to preserve. So the sooner that can get sorted out, the better. I tried making one of these but for Game Gear games.

When I placed it into the Retrode, the auto-detection kept thinking it was a Game Boy game. Through a Hex editor, it was seeing something but displayed nothing but different rows of padding. I tried forcing to read it as Game Gear cartridge but wouldn't let me. I could force it to read as any other video game system cartridge. Just not Game Gear. I placed a Mega Drive cartridge in to make sure it was working, it read it just fine. Let me force it to read it as any other video game system cartridge. Just not Game Gear. I've got a Retrode 2 using the latest firmware (Retrode2 - v0.18d-beta).

Someone has pointed to me there is one place left (Stone Age Gamer) that still sells the SMS Adapter which I could use to modify it in order to read Game Gear games that way. I've bought it now and currently waiting for it to arrive. I wasn't sure if I could still buy the SMS Adapter prior to that which is why I made that prototype Game Gear Adapter for the Retrode.

In any case, I still would like to know if the [forceSystem] setting actually has an option to force the Retrode to read something as a Game Gear cartridge. It's just in case I need to do it that way regardless. There's no documentation that says it can despite the fact it can read GG games. I searched high and low to make absolute certain. It would be nice to know. Especially if anyone else comes across this problem in the near future.

Thank you in advance for helping me out.
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Re: Can you [forceSystem] to read a Game Gear cartridges?
« Reply #1 on: 11/Mar/2015 10:39:52 AM »
I think you found a firmware bug there. There should be forceSystem options SNES, MDRV, GBOY, TG16, N64, GBA, A26, NGP2, NGP, SMS and GG, but the GG one is not actually being processed though all parts are in place.

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